Plasma air disinfection machine program recommendation

by:Funglan     2021-02-25
1. Plasma air disinfection machine and traditional ozone disinfection machine, ultraviolet disinfection lamp comparison products Anersen brand plasma air disinfection machine ozone disinfection machine, ultraviolet disinfection lamp products innovative new air purification and disinfection, negative ion, plasma, filter multi-function In one. A single disinfection factor, pure ozone, and ultraviolet radiation disinfection are not suitable for actual environmental requirements. Safety performance The plasma electric field seals the inside of the machine and does not produce other harmful substances. During disinfection, human and machine can co-exist and dynamically disinfect. Ozone has a pungent odor and is harmful to the human body. Ultraviolet lamps are also radiant. Some people cannot disinfect it. Disinfection effect Indoor circulation, thorough disinfection, no dead ends, no secondary pollution, good purification and disinfection effect. After ozone disinfection, there will be an odor, and there will be dead corners in ultraviolet irradiation disinfection, and the backlight surface is not disinfected in place, resulting in incomplete disinfection. Purification function The filter absorbs and filters the air, and the negative ion generator purifies the fresh air. Traditional ozone air disinfection machines and ultraviolet disinfection lamps do not have the function of purifying and fresh air. Equipment life The plasma life can reach 20,000 hours. Traditional UV lamps are replaced every 1000 hours. Replacement of consumables The filter can be cleaned and used repeatedly, and no consumables are produced. The lamp must be replaced every 1000 hours, otherwise the disinfection will not meet the standard. 2. Reasons for recommending plasma air disinfection machine 1. The background of choosing plasma air disinfection machine. At present, many indoor environment disinfection and purification still use traditional ultraviolet disinfection lamps, ultraviolet disinfection vehicles, or pasteurizer, H2O2 hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate Disinfectants such as bleach and bleach can disinfect spaces in laboratories, classrooms, dormitories, and canteens. Long-term use of these disinfectants will not only cause high disinfection costs, but also increase manual workload. In addition, the use of disinfectants to clean and disinfect part of the residue is even more It will cause secondary pollution of the environment, and this situation still has a great impact on human health. In order to better solve the current difficulties in disinfection, Nanchang Yangfan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. recommends the use of the Anersen brand plasma air disinfection machine produced by our factory. This air disinfection machine can be disinfected by humans and machines without affecting indoor personnel. , Convenient and practical, one-time setting can be fully automatic switch machine, without personnel operation and management, is an ideal choice for indoor air purification and disinfection. 2. The advantages and characteristics of using plasma air disinfection machine ♦ Human-machine coexistence dynamic disinfection, safety, etc. Three-dimensional air sterilizer is colorless and odorless, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. Therefore, human and machine can coexist during disinfection. The surrounding objects are harmless, which can ensure the life safety of indoor personnel. ♦Efficient purification, comprehensive disinfection, and multi-functions. This air disinfection machine is a multifunctional air purification and disinfection machine, a new type of machine, built-in plasma high-voltage electric field, negative ion generator, and metal filter. It can efficiently filter dust particles and PM2.5 in the air, disinfection and sterilization without dead corners in indoor circulation, and will not cause secondary pollution. ♦Easy to operate, convenient and practical. Plasma air disinfection machine can choose three modes, automatic, manual, and timing. It can be automatically turned on and off every day with one setting. It does not require personnel to manage and operate. It can also be remotely turned on temporarily for disinfection during the scheduled disinfection time. , Set the disinfection time to automatically shut down, simple operation, and labor-saving. 3. Anersen plasma air sterilizer has medical-grade qualifications ♦ Sanitation license for disinfection product manufacturers ♦ Sanitation safety evaluation report of disinfection products ♦ Provincial health and family planning commission disinfection product sanitation safety evaluation report filing certificate ♦ Third-party CMA inspection report III , Anersen plasma air disinfection machine kindergarten selection recommended product name recommended model performance parameters plasma air disinfection machine YF/XDJ-B1000 (wall-mounted) 1. Dynamic disinfection (man-machine coexistence) 2. Metal filter free replacement 3. High-efficiency double-layer high-pressure plasma, broad-spectrum sterilization 4. Plasma electric field fault monitoring 5. Filter cleaning automatic prompt function 6. Imported low-noise fan, air inlet at the bottom and air outlet at the top, to prevent cool wind. 7. The body is made of metal material, and the panel is designed and manufactured. 8. Chinese LCD screen, intelligent control, three working modes of manual, timing, and automatic can be selected. Manual: select for temporary disinfection, and the disinfection time can be adjusted; Automatic: work for one hour and stop one Hours, 24-hour cycle; Timing: disinfect according to the set program-controlled time, 5 groups of working periods can be set. 9. Plasma electric field and fan failure alarm 10. Infrared remote control 11. Circulating air volume: ≥1000m3/h 12. Applicable volume: ≤100m3 13. Input power: ≤150VA 14. Disinfection effect: ≤81cfu/m3 15. Natural bacteria Killing rate: 90.37% 16. Artificial killing rate: 99.90% 17. Ozone amount for air disinfection: ≤0.02mg/m3 18. Negative ion release: ≥6×106/cm3 19. Noise: ≤50db 20. Power supply :~220V±10% 50H 21. Size: 1100*430*215
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