Plasma air disinfector is why more and more get the favour of people

by:Funglan     2020-11-19
Since China's reform and opening up, with the rapid development of regional economy, the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. Facing the increasingly serious urban air pollution problems, people's health by unprecedented challenges. Maybe the air pollution of the environment cannot be changed, but we can do our utmost to, to change the environment. If can be targeted and effective to improve air quality, and is the best, such as the use of air purification disinfection machine. Family environment health for people in the city is very important, but even more so on hospital indoor air environment, many diseases are because people in the indoor for a long time, air flow, caused by germs. This needs us often indoor disinfection. Indoor air disinfection is our most commonly used tools disinfection machine, air disinfector is a big advantage, very welcomed by the general hospital unit. A: cost little, disinfection effect is good, suitable for hospital use plasma air sterilization machine is mainly have the kind of advantages. First is cost little, sterilization effect is good, more important plasma air sterilization machine is a dynamic disinfection machine, man-machine coexistence of medical disinfection when had no effect on indoor personnel. 2: more style, good selectivity, and is suitable for different size room plasma air sterilization machine in three models: wall, type suction a top, mobile and cabinet. You know a lot of space of the hospital is not very big, put a lot of medical equipment and the use of cultured is to coordinate. Therefore, small room can configure a wall-mounted plasma air sterilization machine; If you need to disinfect room, each room allocation of wall is too waste, then you can choose the mobile plasma air sterilization machine, convenient to room disinfection; Some room in the hospital disinfection requirements may be relatively large and is also high, such as: large between the operating room, delivery room. This kind of situation will choose cabinet plasma air sterilization machine. Three: simple operation, easy maintenance, low failure rate of plasma air sterilization machine is already relatively mature product in domestic, from easy to product quality and product performance is very perfect technical level, so the failure rate is low; Is simple in operation, it can be remote control temporary disinfection, also can be preset time automatic disinfection automatic shutdown; After-sales service is also very convenient, general six months to a year clean screen pack, uv lamp to replace a can, a year maintenance cost is low; These maintenance also don't need professional technology can be carried out. Therefore, plasma air sterilization machine is one of the hospital and home users one of the most popular tool of disinfection.
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