Plasma air sterilization machine in different discussion is what kind of

by:Funglan     2020-10-14
Plasma air sterilization machine in different discussion is what kind of? Plasma air sterilization machine small make up recently spoke of a lot, such as: 'how about plasma air sterilization machine equipped with activated carbon filter, the plasma air sterilization machine clean room in a hospital and the role of the sterile room', 'what are the functional characteristics of plasma air sterilization machine and so on. So today we look at plasma air sterilization machine in different discussion is what kind of? On a core idea: in recent years, air pollution problem is becoming more and more attention from public. For bedroom, office, workshop workshop, vehicles and other indoor environment of the study of air pollution and its purification measures are important, air pollution and health care system, especially the spread of bacteria and viruses, the medical personnel and medical patients brought serious harm. Plasma air purification sterilization technology due to its quick kill bacteria, chemical conversion characteristics of the poisonous and harmful materials and more and more get the attention of experts and users. Discussion core idea 2: the objective detection of mobile plasma air sterilization machine on indoor air disinfection purification effect of natural bacteria and dust particles. Methods to put mobile plasma air sterilization machine 3 room size close, test open when the strong wind profile for 2 h after sampling; Choose a room as the control group ( No disinfection machine) Sampling method and experimental group. According to the 2002 edition of the technical standard for disinfection, air disinfection effect field test method, respectively, before starting the boot 60 min and 120 min is used to detect the number of natural bacteria colonies; Pluck at the air dust particle counter different particle size of dust particles. 95%; 95%. Conclusion the portable plasma air sterilization machine has good air disinfection and purification function. On the three core ideas: objective to study a new type of air disinfector in disinfection purification and sterilization effect. Methods of air disinfection simulated field test and field test of air disinfection effect, USES the method of testing instrument of dust particle count after disinfection, sterilization factors examined ultraviolet irradiation intensity and plasma, etc. , detection of uv and ozone leakage. Results the air disinfector 45 min to 20 m. 9%; Role of 90 min of natural bacteria in air sterilization rate > 90%; Have a purification effect on dust particles in some area. 4 & mu; M/cm2, no ultraviolet ray and ozone leakage. Conclusion the air disinfector with uv and the synergy of plasma has good air disinfection effect, can be used in some conditions. On four core idea: the present invention belongs to the air disinfection purification technology, the specific related to plasma air disinfection purifier and air disinfection purification methods. It includes plasma reactor, pulse power supply, fan components, control unit, power coupling and the shell, the reactor with several nickel chrome wire or metal belt positive electrode, both ends fixed on the conductor rail to prevent micro discharge corresponding grooves; Pulse power supply with digital control circuit, internal oscillator, error amplifier and PWM comparator, converted to digital control after the current high voltage pulse width control. The invention effectively prevents the reactor micro electric discharge phenomenon, prolong the service life, high voltage pulse electric enhance plasma concentration, improve the efficiency of air disinfection purification, and energy saving. It is widely used in the factory clean room, hospital operating rooms, isolation wards and other places of high cleanliness requirements; Can also be used for office buildings, theatres, train, bus, train, ship, such as purification of air disinfection in public places. Discussion core idea 5: hospital in crowded, air pollution is an important medium of hospital infection, especially in ICU, operating room air quality control of the key departments are important, such as air disinfection is also more and more get people's attention. Our some departments with poor ventilation, in order to improve the air quality department medical environment, chose the plasma disinfection of air purifier, the combination of the sterilizer factor for plasma and filter in addition to bacteria, can work in disinfection of air circulation in the process. We tested, to observe the disinfection effect is presently as follows the results report. Finally, we look at the environment of plasma electrostatic sterilization technology: plasma electrostatic dust removal technology is sterilization through ionization device on low current high voltage pulse power supply, form the ultra high frequency pulse discharge, the ground state to get enough energy of gas and air ionization oxidation of bacteria, viruses, TVOC materials and micro particles, etc. , under the action of coulomb force, the dust in the air of displacement to the electric dust collector plate, air disinfection purification. Through the above we can realize dynamic ion air sterilizer on the market at present more and more get the favour of people from all walks of life, especially the hospital air disinfection purification and strictly under the modern standard of environmental requirements.
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