Plasma air sterilization machine _ more to ensure food safety

by:Funglan     2020-10-30
Plasma air sterilization machine _ more to safeguard food safety when it comes to food safety, small make up and share plasma air sterilization machine, to ensure the safety of food more. On food safety and health is a system engineering and throughout the production process, do not belong to the production process of a step. Therefore, advanced sterilization technology and equipment is important means to ensure the safety of food hygiene, and the dynamic plasma sterilization dust removal technology is mainly to solve work in some cases continued to sterilization of workshop environment, achieve harmless and to avoid the air excess bacterial colony secondary pollution prevention and control of food, food, for food safety to force, to better safeguard food safety production and sales. The dynamic plasma sterilization cleaning disinfection technology is how to ensure food security? According to professional r &d and production environment of plasma air sterilization equipment technology co. , LTD Xie Sheng is introduced: the so-called & other; The dynamic plasma sterilization removal technology & throughout; Synchronous operation refers to the man-machine players a way of disinfection, in view of the air disinfection in personnel without leaving disinfection, disinfection sterilization, but at the same time there is no harm to human body, this is called dynamic plasma disinfection disinfection ways; Because it is through human science and technology to overcome natural biological a successful practice, so also called & other; Dynamic sterilization technology & throughout; 。 The success of the technology research and development and application, to overcome the food enterprises in the process of production the limitations of the original sterilization equipment, originally used by ultraviolet disinfection, chemical fumigation, ozone sterilization method belongs to static sterilization technology, not under the condition of dynamic continuous sterilization: 1, with ultraviolet radiation, chemicals or ozone sterilization for workshop, harm to human health, so, at the worker's operation, you should stop using, therefore, cannot achieve under some condition of continuous dynamic disinfection, lead to the interruption of disinfection; 2, in the absence of any disinfection facilities, bacteria multiply rapidly and the people of bacteria ( Metabolism) Makes accumulated a large amount of pollutants in air environment, increase health hazard, lead to food colony total overweight. Food safety is a relationship to the people life and even life event. On the laws and institutions & other; To force & throughout; Food safety at the same time, the domestic many excellent sterilization equipment development enterprises to actively introduce new products, and for food safety & other; To force & throughout; 。 Dongguan environmental technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production and operation of medical air sterilization machine, air disinfection machine, plasma air sterilization machine, dynamic air disinfection machine, commercial air sterilizer, household air sterilizer, air sterilization machine, air purification, air disinfection purifier, central air conditioning air disinfector, central air conditioning air disinfection purifier. Purification disinfection is an organic whole, is your ideal choice!
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