Plasma air sterilizer operation process

by:Funglan     2022-01-14

The plasma generator in the plasma air sterilizer is a special high-voltage positive and negative ion generator. The positive ion is generated by the sawtooth positive electrode to continuously generate high-energy, high-concentration bacteria and inhalable particulate matter (including haze PM2. 5) Being surrounded by positive ions, it can quickly obtain saturated electricity. The bacteria and inhalable particles (including haze PM2.5) of the flat-shaped positive electrode are surrounded by positive ions, so that they can quickly obtain saturated electricity. So what is the operation process of the plasma air sterilizer? Let me introduce to you below.

Operation process of plasma air sterilizer:

1. Automatic:

Switch to automatic mode to sterilize: the machine works for 1 hour, stops for 1 hour, 24 hours Circulation,

This mode is suitable for patients with a large flow of people and patients entering and leaving places for a long time, such as infusion halls, waiting rooms, etc.

2. Manual:

Switch to manual mode for disinfection: press the up key, the middle of the screen displays 01,02, 03 and 04 are optional, which represent automatic shutdown after 1 to 4 hours of disinfection.

This mode is mostly suitable for mobile models, not a fixed room for disinfection, room-by-room disinfection, according to the size of the room to choose different disinfection time, such as: ward, dispensing room, treatment room, etc.

3. Timing:

Switch to the timing mode for disinfection, you can set 2-3 groups of time periods, and automatically switch on and off the machine every day for disinfection, no manual operation is required, and disinfection is required in non-timed stages, available The remote control or panel key operation is manually turned on.

This disinfection mode is mostly suitable for wall-mounted and cabinet-type models, which can be used for long-term disinfection of a certain room, such as: operating room, ICU, delivery room, hemodialysis room, etc.

The above content is an introduction to the operation process of the plasma air sterilizer. The plasma air sterilizer uses a variety of disinfection and sterilization technologies to sterilize the air, which is very effective in preventing bacteria from developing drug resistance. It kills microorganisms in the hospital air quickly and can effectively block the spread of viruses in the hospital air. The main functions of the plasma air sterilizer: filter and purify the air, sterilize and disinfect, remove all kinds of peculiar smells in the air, and remove harmful gases in the air.

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