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by:Funglan     2021-03-26
Hunan Plasma Air Sterilizer│Plasma Air Sterilizer-Matters needing attention It reaches 99.99%, and the dust removal rate of the dynamic air sterilizer reaches 96%. Beijing Tianjin Air Sterilizer (Dynamic Air Sterilizer) is widely used in food factory production workshops, pharmaceutical factory production workshops, nursing homes, nursing homes, edible fungus inoculation rooms, school kindergarten classrooms and other places. It is also suitable for hospital operating rooms, ICUs, and new students. Nursing rooms, delivery rooms, supply rooms, treatment centers, hemodialysis rooms, infusion rooms, sterile rooms and other places. Here are some tips on using dynamic air sterilizers. More air sterilizers and dynamic air sterilizers view: 1. Dynamic air sterilizer considerations: 1. Do not exceed the maximum use space of the sterilizer, otherwise the best use effect of the sterilizer cannot be guaranteed. 2. To ensure the airtightness of the disinfection room, the doors and windows should be closed before the disinfection machine is turned on, while reducing the flow of people in the room to ensure that the disinfection machine achieves the best effect. 3. Maintain the sanitation in the disinfected room, usually clean the floor of the disinfected room, the wall of the disinfected room and the surface of the objects in the room.   2. Dynamic air sterilizer maintenance: 1. Clean the surface of the sterilizer. When cleaning the sterilizer, cut off the power first to prevent detergents and liquids from entering the sterilizer. 2. When the disinfection machine is working, keep the disinfection machine air inlet and outlet free of obstructing objects. 3. When an alarm prompt appears on the display screen of the disinfection machine, follow the alarm prompt to troubleshoot or contact the manufacturer for solution.
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