Plasma air sterilizer use

by:Funglan     2022-01-14

Traditional air filtration can only remove those larger particles, those smaller, more dangerous particles and pathogens still exist, and plasma air sterilizers provide an important technology for traditional filtration or air purification solutions Support, including filters, UV, activated carbon, chemical, biological, catalytic oxidation and other traditional solutions to achieve higher efficiency, while also reducing energy consumption and reducing installation costs. So how does the plasma air sterilizer work? Let me introduce to you below.

Plasma air sterilizer use:

There are three modes of plasma air sterilizer during use: automatic, manual , timing, in different environments and under different circumstances, you can choose the mode independently:

1. Automatic

The plasma air sterilizer is adjusted to the automatic mode for disinfection: the machine works for 1 hour, shuts down for 1 hour, and circulates for 24 hours. There are places where patients enter and leave, such as infusion halls, waiting rooms, etc.

2. Manual

This plasma air sterilizer is adjusted to manual mode to sterilize: press the up button, the middle of the screen will display 01, 02, 03, and 04 are optional, which represent automatic shutdown after 1 to 4 hours of disinfection. This mode is mostly suitable for mobile models. It is not fixed for one room to be sterilized, but is sterilized one by one. Different disinfection durations can be selected according to the size of the room, such as: ward, dispensing room, treatment room, etc.

3. Timing

The plasma air sterilizer is adjusted to the timing mode for disinfection, and 2-3 groups of time periods can be set. The machine is automatically switched on and off every day for disinfection without manual operation. It needs to be disinfected at non-timed stages. It can be manually turned on by remote control or panel button operation. This disinfection mode is mostly suitable for wall-mounted and cabinet-type models, and long-term fixed disinfection of a room, such as: operating room, ICU, delivery room, hemodialysis room, etc.

The above content is an introduction to the use of the plasma air sterilizer. In addition, with the passage of time the plasma air sterilizer is used, the particulate pollutants and microorganisms adsorbed on the filter screen will be affected. The number will increase, and the nitrogen source contained in the dust and the adsorbed 'water vapor' provide a better environment for many microorganisms, which may promote the proliferation of microorganisms and cause secondary pollution of indoor air. At the same time, the sterilization and disinfection equipment such as photocatalyst, ultraviolet lamp, plasma generator and so on carried by the air sterilizer can effectively solve this problem. During the use of the air sterilizer, it is necessary to pay attention to the regular and timely replacement of the filter screen. .

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