Plasma ceiling air purifier

by:Funglan     2021-03-17
Plasma ceiling air purifier plasma ceiling air purification and disinfection machine principle overview:    plasma air disinfection machine uses plasma to decompose and destroy bacteria, purify, filter and adsorb dust, and then filter and sterilize through lysozyme technology, photocatalyst catalytic device, The negative ion generator and other components are subjected to secondary sterilization and filtration, and the treated clean air quickly circulates to keep the controlled environment in the 'sterile clean room' standard, which meets the national medical environment requirements of Class II and III. Plasma air sterilizer application areas:   Medical system: hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, operating rooms, wards, blood stations, hemodialysis rooms, electronic purification rooms, laboratories, etc.;   Plants: electronics factories, optical factories, plastic and hardware coating factories, cosmetics Factory, etc.;    office buildings: telecommunications, government office buildings, conference rooms, banks, securities, offices, etc.;    public places: stations, airports, hotels, beauty salons, tea houses, supermarkets, cinemas, conference venues, exhibition halls, libraries, etc.;    food factories : Aseptic workshop, packaging workshop, etc. Performance advantages of plasma ceiling air disinfection machine:   ◆All metal shell, corrosion and oxidation resistance, non-combustible, environmentally friendly materials, no secondary pollution;   ◆Patented technology, beautiful appearance, novel structure, convenient installation, space saving;   ◆PM2 .5 Removal rate reaches 99.97%;   ◆Technical means: plasma sterilization and dust removal, photocatalytic device sterilization and odor removal, lysozyme dust removal and bacteria removal technology;   ◆microcomputer program control, luxurious Chinese LCD high-definition liquid crystal display;   ◆Unique Japanese original intelligence Induction technology, real-time automatic detection and visual display of air quality, PM2.5, temperature and humidity, Beijing time and other data;   ◆Manual, timing, automatic three working modes are free to choose Automatic: According to the detection result, when the environmental pollution exceeds the standard, the purification and disinfection will be started automatically Manual: start and stop. Timing: work according to the set program time. ◆Dynamic disinfection and purification, coexistence between man and machine ◆The whole machine life timer function ◆Intelligent alarm prompt fan failure alarm cleaning and maintenance reminder photocatalytic device failure alarm plasma failure alarm Negative ion fault alarm;    ◆Low noise, large circulating air volume, three-speed adjustable wind speed ◆Three-stage timing, one-key sleep function;
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