Plasma technology wall-mounted air disinfection machine kindergarten school

by:Funglan     2020-10-20
Plasma technology wall-mounted air disinfection machine kindergarten school main: the optimal choice of environment air purification disinfection machine _ air disinfection machine _ medical air sterilizer _ _ _ - air purification disinfector cabinet air sterilizer central air conditioner disinfection purifier device, installed in the kindergarten activity room of plasma wall-mounted air disinfection machine. Air purification disinfector which good school? Brand air purification disinfector is your the best choice! The school is the place that students learn, eight hours a day spent in the classroom, the students, poor ventilation; Textbooks of human body odor, sweat, taste and the smell of toilet paper, ink, smoking, the smoke; Airborne bacteria and viruses, decorate material contamination gases mixed together. Indirect brings love study of children the feeling of discomfort. Especially the kindergarten students they are the flowers of the motherland, the motherland's future. And the age of the child is very poor, respiratory resistance is very fragile, more vulnerable to viruses and some dust particles and the effect of PM2 in particular. Five such tiny dust particles. So choose what kind of air purification disinfector, air purification disinfection machine, it is important to link! On this issue in strict accordance with national standards to control, must not muddle along, perpetuated this misunderstanding! Below small make up I will introduce an environmental company in 2015, the latest developed specifically for the kindergarten school dedicated - plasma air sterilization machine - - Hanging air disinfection machine plasma technology. Plasma wall-mounted air disinfection machine advantages: 1: PM2. 5 remove rate reached 99. 999%; 2: technical means: plasma sterilization dust removal device, photocatalytic sterilization in addition to odor, dust removal, lysozyme and aseptic technique: 3: unique to the Japanese original intelligent sensing technology, can monitor air quality at the same time, temperature, humidity, direct according to monitoring results, according to the detection results of intelligent operation, automatic catch dust and bacteria; 4: ultra-thin, convenient. Save space, and can realize more than vertical, hanging, hanging type suction a top installations use; 5: sustainable dynamic dust removal in addition to bacteria, achieve the level of laminar flow clean effect, the man-machine coexist; 6: super durable steel shell, efficient lysozyme filter shaker sterilization technology, safe and reliable, materials, environmental protection, no secondary pollution; 7: realize three phase timing, automatic memory, automatic switch machine, the function such as a key to sleep; 8: wind speed, high, medium and low three gears adjustable; 9: manual, automatic timing, three work modes, free and flexible way of disinfection; 10: advanced timing function, according to the needs of different can be a single time, cycle time and normal work any Settings; 11: microcomputer program control, luxurious Chinese backlit LCD screen; 12: motor, fan fault automatic alarm function; 13: uv lamp working malfunction automatically detect; 14: save: ultra-thin, save space; Low investment cost and operation cost; 15: when the uv lamp fails, the standby uv lamp automatic support; 16: cleaning and maintenance to remind; Anion fault automatic detection; 17: the use of advanced patent technology: three yuan one semiconductor plasma technology, dynamic human coexistence, disinfection, more security environmental protection; 18: convenient maintenance, maintenance: the pollution of the products after using semiconductor components simply rinse immediately with water, abnormal failure detection function tips, etc. , the above effect of plasma technology is now so the type of test the best air disinfector effect, achieves the level of medical treatment; Plasma technology, the advantage of air sterilizer, also obtained the further application of medical air purification sterilization machine is benefited from the progress of plasma technology, benefit more hospitals and patients.
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