Plasma wall-mounted air disinfection machine parameter characteristics

by:Funglan     2020-10-11
Plasma wall-mounted air disinfection machine no matter in appearance design, internal structure, safety performance, sterilization function, service life and maintenance aspects of the traditional disinfection is the brand-new improvement and breakthrough. Its ultra-thin fuselage, concise appearance, fashionable frontal crystal panel and completely non-combustible material fuselage, luxuriant and applicable, has incomparable advantages in the same industry products. Plasma air sterilization machine, this air sterilizer adopt double efficient filter dust removal, double plasma sterilization, high voltage electrostatic dust removal, and the changing structure of indoor air, make the man-machine room, for the majority of users to provide health and safety, pure and fresh indoor working and living environment. All no dead Angle, worth of trust. Plasma wall-mounted air disinfection machine technical features: 1. Plasma electrostatic sterilization technology is charged ions purification technology, another important species in the release of plasma generator through a high pressure discharge group, the same as the nature of positive and negative ions in the air floating mold, viruses and other harmful substances surrounded by decomposition, to achieve the effect of clean air. 2. Mainly rely on air purifier filter intercept currently on the market the dust in the air, but the dust filter will not be able to deal with the bacteria. Over time, filter becomes & other; Bacteria warehouse & throughout; , easy to cause the secondary pollution. Therefore, in order to ensure the purification effect, consumers need to replace the filter regularly, it increase the cost of the later use. And plasma just overcome it, let the consumer in use process without increasing the use of cost, plasma generator is a device that can be used to repeat cleaning, life expectancy in 10 years or so commonly, so choose plasma air sterilization machine is to choose the worry! Plasma wall-mounted air disinfection machine parameters: name said VBY - type number type B - 600 plasma wall-mounted air disinfection machine cycle airflow ( m3 / h) Applicable room volume (600 m3) 80 - 100 purification efficiency ( To zero. 5μ M particle concentration, / / m3) %≥ 99 noise [ db( A) ] ≤ 50 uv lamp life ( H) ≥ 8000 ultraviolet leakage ( μ w/c㎡ ) ≤ 5 the ozone concentration ( mg/m3) ≤ 0. 08 ionization device working voltage ( Kv) ± 5. 0 ~ 10. Rated power input (0 VA) ≤ 90 - environmental temperature and humidity 5℃~ 45℃勒; HR supply voltage and frequency ~ 90% AC220V & plusmn; 22v 50Hz± 0. More than 5 hz plasma air sterilization machine effect, which is so test the best type of air purifier effect, achieves the level of medical treatment; The advantage of plasma air sterilization machine, make its have been further application, medical air purification disinfector is benefited from the progress of plasma technology, benefit more hospitals and patients. All in all, small make up recommend: if you have any recent plan to buy air purifier, small make up recommend configuration is first plasma air sterilization machine, the advantages of this kind of air filter is not much said, this article has detailed instructions, we buy air purifier is a look at the effect of 2 see prices ( The purchase cost and use cost) , with the advantages of plasma air sterilization machine. Dongguan environmental technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production and operation of medical air sterilization machine, air disinfection machine, air disinfection machine, commercial air disinfection machine, household air disinfection machine, air sterilization machine, air purification, air disinfection purifier, central air conditioning air disinfector, central air conditioning air disinfection purifier.
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