PM2。 5 play rascal, air disinfection function as residents guards?

by:Funglan     2020-10-11
It is reported that recently in our country more frequently by fog shrouded in haze weather. Such as guangzhou, shandong, Beijing, shanxi, liaoning and other regions affected by severe pollution, in the face of this natural pollution PM2. 5 rascal, currently on the market there have been many air disinfector, air purifier, air purification disinfector, mobile air disinfector in bear yugoslav capital guards, but know that for now, can only be used for indoor air sterilizer, so to protect the residents living environment to prevent the fog haze PM2. 5 invasion is very effective. As has been said small make up in front of the indoor air haze pollution is more serious than outdoor air, so it is very urgent to pay attention to indoor air. After all, we spend most of their time indoors, no matter go to work, or have a rest. In indoor activity is almost occupied our life most of the time, 24 hours a day, even if the average 8 hours to rest. There are 14 hours, then in addition to the heart to go on the road, the distribution of the outside for a walk 2 hours. Almost all left in different indoor activities. Then we should be divided profession, such as the traffic police, sanitation, rural migrant workers, vendors isometric time out. But under the haze weather, in addition to traffic police with masks and other protective cover, almost 20 hours in indoor activities. Due to the in and out of the indoor part will also add fog into indoor indoor air pollution. If long time breathing into the lungs and can cause pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. PM2。 5 play rascal is not terrible, terrible is that we encourage haze malicious activities indoors, but not destroy. So the market at present, there are many air purification disinfector, in the fish dragon confusion of market. residents volunteered to act as guardian, medical air disinfection machine can not only purify the air, but also sterilization. How can confirm sterilization when the choose and buy, how to distinguish air purifiers and air purification disinfection efficacy. First of all, we can find that one is purified, the other is purification disinfection nature writing has to distinguish clearly. So here requires the purchaser according to their own needs to buy the products, but small make up personally think: if the price is about the same, the quality is all, so the choose and buy more cost-effective air disinfection purification machine. But consider from economic Angle, according to the personal consumption level decided to buy the product function, but not blindly comparing, on-demand, the choose and buy reason shopping best. Environmental science and technology has unique semiconductor technology patents, and relevant technology such as plasma, electrostatic dust removal technology is a body specialized medical air disinfection vendors would, according to the national hospital USES the standard research and development production sales and service in a body. Use commercial all can be customized, high quality and low price! Hope air purification disinfection machine the close-fitting guard escort for you and your family, also can create a healthy, comfortable living and working environment!
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