Popular science knowledge of air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-20
1. The legal and regulatory requirements for circulating air ultraviolet air sterilizers 'Medical Institutions' Air Purification Management Regulations' 2012 edition provides a brief summary of the scope of application, disinfection principles, use methods and precautions of circulating air ultraviolet air sterilizers. Article 6 stipulates its use in different departments and under different conditions, and has clear requirements for the total number of bacterial colonies and monitoring in the air of different places in medical institutions. This provides us with quality standards and methods for monitoring the effectiveness of air disinfection. Appendix A3 and Appendix C6 of the 2012 edition of 'Technical Specifications for Disinfection in Medical Institutions' stipulate the related matters of ultraviolet disinfection, and provide a reference for the use and monitoring of circulating air ultraviolet air sterilizer. '500 Questions on Infection Prevention and Control in Primary Medical Institutions' is about the detection of the UV lamp radiation intensity inside the machine. The 'Disinfection Management Measures' (Order No. 27 of the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China) regulates the production and operation of disinfection products, and clarifies the requirements for the purchase and acceptance of circulating air ultraviolet air sterilizers. 'Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer Safety and Hygiene Standards' (GB 28235-2011) describes the specific application standards of circulating air ultraviolet air sterilizers. 2. The scope of application is suitable for indoor air disinfection in a human state. It is more practical for some departments with a large flow of people and busy work, especially for high-risk departments with high environmental requirements such as operating rooms, ICUs, emergency rooms, infusion rooms, etc. It can be automatically turned on at regular intervals for continuous air disinfection . 3. The requirements of the 'Disinfection Management Measures': 'After obtaining the business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce, the manufacturer of disinfectant, disinfection equipment and sanitary products shall also obtain the production of disinfection products issued by the local provincial health and family planning administrative department. Only with a sanitation license can be engaged in the production of disinfection products. When purchasing disinfection products, operators shall obtain the following valid certificates: (1) A copy of the production enterprise’s sanitation permit; (2) Product sanitation safety evaluation report or sanitation permit for new disinfection products A copy of the approval certificate. The copy of the valid certificate should be stamped with the seal of the original holder.' The circulating wind ultraviolet air sterilizer is not a new disinfection product
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