Portable air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-11-27
According to the needs of the market to absorb international and domestic air purification disinfection machine equipment with the latest technology and carefully research and development, the product style is novel, low power consumption, low noise, the effective elimination of bacteria, viruses, virus and pathogen in the air, such as the common cold virus, n/med tuberculosis bacterium, such as the SARS virus infection. This product belongs to the dynamic disinfection model, it is specially designed for man-machine coexistence environment, compared with the traditional static disinfection and ozone disinfection, ultraviolet lamp is more convenient, safe, effect is more prominent, is the best choice of medical air sterilization. Features: 1. Adopted the most mature wind circulation ultraviolet sterilization, disinfection technology. 2. The scope of radiation measurement, kill bacteria and viruses. 3. Nanometer photocatalytic antibacterial nets, super decompose harmful bacteria. 4. Activated carbon filter and air anion generation, efficient dust removal, eliminate peculiar smell, clean air. 5. The tank use specular reflection board, strengthen the sterilization effect. 6. Good appearance, safe and reliable 7. No ozone ultraviolet lamp and uv leak device, can in some cases, the continuous and dynamic disinfection, no residual toxicity. 8. Can work 6000 hours continuously. 9. Automatic fault prompt, high voltage over-current protection. 10. Automatic disinfection and sterilization temporarily. 11. A variety of models meet your air disinfection need 12 for different occasions. By testing, the sterilization rate of 99. More than 9%. Second, the scope of 1. The product is used for hospital of class II and III, the production workshop environment and public places such as the air disinfection. 2. Hospital: intensive care units, newborn room, operating rooms, isolation room, clinical pathological room, wards, outpatient service, central air conditioning room, etc. 3. Health places: elderly care, health room, kindergarten, pet hospital, etc. 4. Production areas: food factory, pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory, laboratory, freezer, etc. 5. In public places: hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, Internet bar, KTV room, engine room, station, etc.
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