Prevention of tuberculosis (TB) what can we do

by:Funglan     2020-10-25
Disease prevention and The Times is the national issues of concern, so for our people more active to focus on. Why do you say that? Small make up together to you to understand what is TB? Prevention of tuberculosis (TB) what should we do? First of all, we know the definition of tuberculosis: tuberculosis (TB) is a common infectious disease, but this kind of infectious disease can be fatal, also called & other; N/med tuberculosis bacili |. Caused by all kinds of mycobacterium, such as voles mycobacteria, Africa mycobacteria, m. bovis, cartesian mycobacteria, healthy adults usually not easy to be infected. Tuberculosis (TB) three categories: 1. Primary tuberculosis. 2. The blood line of disseminated tuberculosis. 3. Secondary pulmonary tuberculosis. TB is usually damaged lung lymphatic system and cause infection. As for the other organs such as the brain central nervous system, circulatory system, urinary system, and so on to cause infection. We have learned, at present one third of the world's population is infected with TB bacilli, 10 years TB of nine million people around the world, including the deaths of one million four hundred thousand people, most will take place in developing countries. TB is called & other; The world number two killer throughout & of adult infectious diseases; 。 And incidence of tuberculosis (TB) in our country, according to statistics, the second in the world, the third highest number of TB patients in the world. In a tough situation the Chinese center for disease control and prevention the relevant person in charge of TB control, points out that the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) is a long-term and arduous struggle. China is still a high TB burden countries, especially points out that the number of patients with drug-resistant TB no progress. So what can we do? In order to reduce the pressure of a national related departments, for the sake of our own health, in order to reduce the incidence and prevalence, and mortality. We, too, to act, to strengthen prevention together! So how do we prevent TB? First, less to the densely populated place, keep personal sanitation clean. Second, newborn in a timely manner to the hospital for vaccination. Third, the life to rule in eating and sleeping. Fourth, insist to take exercise the body, strengthen the body resistance. Fifth, economic permission, buy often to purify indoor air purification disinfection machine disinfection. With the era development, air pollution is becoming more and more serious. Tuberculosis prevention from nearby small start, don't know how did you feel after everybody saw, maybe we have a lot of people don't know the stakes for the virus. But small make up I hope everyone can happy and health, also hope that together we take action to prevent TB do we should do, you can reach. Small make up think if everyone under the condition of economic allow can consider to add a home air purification sterilization machine, more for health insurance. Don't understand, air purification disinfection machine can be on the air sterilizer website, specific small make up in it's not much said. Time like running water, but we struggle with the disease is a long and difficult road. Hope every one who has TB disease recover at an early date, healthy people to strengthen TB prevention work, let's work hard to believe that god will protect our health every effort.
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