Principle and classification maintenance of air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-02-24
The air disinfection machine uses a relatively closed space in the cabinet to suck indoor bacteria air into the disinfection equipment machine equipped with plasma, ultraviolet rays, ozone, negative ions and filters, after disinfection, sterilization, purification, adsorption, and dust removal After treatment, it is output to the outside of the machine, and the cycle is repeated to make the indoor air quality reach the sensory control standard. The entire disinfection process does not cause harm to indoor activities. It not only ensures the disinfection and sterilization effect, but also solves the traditional ultraviolet radiation or chemical treatment. The air disinfection method cannot be used continuously by human beings. It has no pollution to the environment, no corrosion to the equipment, and simple operation. After the program control is set, the disinfection program can be controlled manually and automatically. Since the mid to late 1990s, air disinfection machines have been widely used in hospitals.   There are many types of medical air disinfection machines in hospitals, and each type of product has its own advantages and disadvantages. The commercially available types include ozone air disinfection machines, ultraviolet air disinfection machines, photocatalyst air disinfection machines, and plasma air disinfection machines. Let's mainly talk about the ultraviolet circulating air disinfection machine widely used in most hospitals. The UV circulating air disinfection machine is composed of a high-intensity UV lamp and a filter system, which can effectively filter out dust in the air and kill microorganisms in the air entering the disinfection machine. Its sterilization ability is 3–4 higher than that of traditional UV lamps. Times. When the air disinfection machine is working, because the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is sealed in the cabinet disinfection room, there is no ultraviolet leakage outside the cabinet, and the selected high-intensity ultraviolet lamp is ozone-free, and the amount of ozone in the air is ≤0.02mg/m3 during work. It is much lower than the national standard of 0.15mg/m3. Therefore, dynamic disinfection can be carried out in the presence of people to achieve 'human-machine coexistence'.   has mobile, wall-mounted, cabinet (standing cabinet) and ceiling or ceiling air sterilizer. The general installation rule of wall-mounted disinfection machine is to put the sterile air discharged from the air disinfection machine on the breathing belt of the human body. Because the disinfection machine discharges air diagonally downwards, the installation height cannot be too low, and the best height is considered to be the bottom surface of the disinfection machine 1.8-2.0 m from the ground, it should be on the opposite wall or side wall of the room cleaning area or the operating table, and try to install it on the wall far away from the door and window. However, the installation of the cabinet should be selected to be at the leeward of the room or in a heavily polluted area with less people moving.   The selection of disinfection boot time is generally divided into:    (1) Preventive disinfection, regularly switch on disinfection 2 to 3 times a day, each disinfection time is 1-2 hours, it is best to arrange it in the morning before going to work, when treatment and nursing are concentrated.  (2) Dynamic disinfection is generally carried out during the peak hours of treatment operations and personnel activities. The purpose is to control and reduce the secondary pollution of ambient air during personnel activities. Continuously turn on disinfection according to need or set to auto-off and on alternately for 1–2h.  (3) When disinfecting the operating room, the air volume of the machine should be adjusted to high air circulation for 1 hour before the operation, and then to low air disinfection until the end of the operation. It is suitable for promotion in operating rooms lacking air laminar flow purification equipment. Air disinfection machines have some intelligent alarms according to different products, such as: motor failure alarm, cleaning and maintenance alarm, photocatalytic device failure alarm, plasma failure alarm, negative ion failure alarm, etc.; ultraviolet circulating air air disinfection machine generally has ultraviolet light, filter Alarm for cleaning and motor failure. When the life of the ultraviolet lamp expires, the machine will automatically alarm. The new model machine can also automatically record the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp and the accumulated time, without the need to manually monitor the ultraviolet intensity and record the accumulated time. Because the ultraviolet lamp is installed in the disinfection machine, it is often not easy to detect during the daytime disinfection. When the ultraviolet lamp is not bright, it is not easy to find in time. The purple light can be seen more clearly at night, but it is also difficult to tell whether the lamps are all bright. When there are only 1 to 2 light pipes in the machine, the disinfection effect is difficult to guarantee.  To find out whether all the ultraviolet light tubes in the disinfection machine are in working condition, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections. Our hospital stipulates that the air disinfection machine should be fully overhauled by professional and technical personnel twice a year. In addition, the display screen of the machine is small, and the fault alarm display is very small, and it is difficult to find out from close distance. If the motor is normal, the ultraviolet lamp is faulty or the filter is dusty or damaged, the machine will still run, and the disinfection function of the air disinfector will be lost. Or weaken, so we must carefully observe the display screen regularly and find the problem early.  Ultraviolet circulating air air disinfection machine should close the doors and windows during the disinfection process, and it is strictly forbidden to cover or obstruct the air inlet and outlet to keep the air flow unblocked and good air circulation. This machine is only effective for air and has no disinfection effect on the surface of the object. Therefore, you must pay attention to the hygiene of the surface of the indoor object and keep the indoor air dry. If there is a lot of dust on the surface of the indoor object, the disinfection machine will produce secondary dust when it is working, causing air microorganisms Continuous pollution will eventually lead to disinfection failure within the specified time. Therefore, the floor, the lower half of the wall and the surface of various indoor objects should be cleaned and disinfected before disinfection, and the indoor air humidity should not exceed 50%.  
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