Product Description of Ceiling Plasma Air Sterilizer Manufacturers

by:Funglan     2021-03-01
Product description of ceiling-mounted plasma air sterilizer manufacturers There are many manufacturers of ceiling-mounted plasma air sterilizers on the market. The contemporary environment is seriously polluted by various types, and the air quality is getting worse and worse. This causes everyone to pay attention to air quality. Many consumers recognize that there is an increasing demand for ceiling-mounted plasma air disinfection machines. At present, embedded plasma air disinfection machines are installed in many places. Embedded is an innovative disinfection design concept. The disinfection machine is hoisted on the ceiling, and the air is supplied by a wide angle on all sides. The air is purified and disinfected quickly, and it will not affect the beauty of the interior decoration. If selected and installed well, it can also play a better decorative role. But how much do you know about the ceiling plasma air sterilizer? The classification of ceiling plasma air sterilizer: it is divided into hidden ceiling type circulating air plasma air sterilizer and surface mounted embedded circulating air plasma air sterilizer. Hidden type, as the name implies, is to hide the ceiling plasma air disinfector behind the wall or cover it with other beautiful things to make it invisible to people. The surface-mounted type exposes the plasma air sterilizer to people's sight so that people can see the sterilizer. Both the hidden installation method and the exposed installation method can reflect the unique advantages of the circulating air plasma air disinfection machine with wide-angle air supply on all sides, and rapid air purification and disinfection without dead ends. The selection method of the ceiling circulating air plasma disinfection machine: if there is no separate air purification system in the room, the air purification and air disinfection requirements can be unified. Choose the ceiling-type circulating air plasma disinfection machine specification model according to the purpose of the room, applicable area or volume, and the equipment specification model should not be less than the manufacturer's specification model. It can be used according to the manufacturer's manual. Choose one or more embedded circulating air plasma disinfection machines according to the area or volume of the room to be disinfected. According to the room structure and decoration requirements, choosing the installation method (exposed or concealed), so that consumers can purchase and use a satisfactory ceiling-type circulating air plasma disinfection machine, is the constant pursuit. Features of ceiling plasma air disinfection machine: plasma ceiling dynamic air disinfection machine: mainly composed of (initial effect + intermediate effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) composite filter, working air duct, super plasma lamp tube, negative ionizer, super quiet It is composed of fan, LCD operation monitoring system and casing. Plasma embedded dynamic air disinfection machine is installed on the roof, which not only greatly saves the use space of the house, but also looks more beautiful. In addition, the installation of plasma ceiling-type dynamic air disinfection opportunities makes the air outlet area of u200bu200bthe disinfection machine larger and the effect is better. Ceiling type medical plasma air sterilizer alias: ceiling type plasma medical air disinfection machine, medical ceiling type plasma air disinfection machine, ceiling type medical plasma air disinfection machine, ceiling type plasma medical air disinfection machine, medical ceiling type plasma , embedded medical plasma air disinfection machine, embedded plasma medical air disinfection machine, medical embedded plasma air disinfection machine, ceiling-type medical plasma air sterilizer, ceiling-type plasma medical air disinfection machine, medical ceiling-type plasma and so on.
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