Purifier equipment suppliers tell you these seven truths about air purifier equipment that you don't know!

by:Funglan     2022-01-13
With the improvement of the quality of life of the people, the knowledge of health preservation and environmental protection has also been gradually improved. Especially in the past one or two years, purification equipment such as indoor air purifiers has quickly become well known to the public; however, in the process of using the equipment Many people still have a lot of doubts, and the editor has made some special responses to the following common questions! Question: As long as the fan life, wear, and heat dissipation are no problem? Answer: In theory, any electrical appliance can operate 24 hours a day without rest. However, since electrical appliances have a corresponding service life, and this service life is calculated according to the use time, it is not recommended to continuously open for a long time. Under the premise of not considering the wear and tear of the fan and the machine, but only considering the consumption of the filter material, for the smoking room air purifier, if the air purifier is turned on for a long time, the filter material consumption will be large. In operation, it needs to be replaced after half a year or 3 months of use. Recommendation: Turn on the machine when there are people and turn off the machine when no one is there. The purification method of some air purifiers is electrostatic or plasma discharge, which may generate a small amount of ozone during use. Long-term operation may cause the indoor ozone concentration to exceed the standard. Such purifiers are not recommended to be used continuously for 24 hours. Question: Does the decontamination opportunity produce radiation? Answer: As long as it is an electrical appliance, there will be some radiation. However, the better-known air purifiers of better quality generally have relatively low radiation levels. In the design and development of such products, radiation, noise, secondary pollution and other issues have been taken into consideration. From a health point of view, it is better to keep the air purifier away from people when it is working. Although the closer to the air outlet of the purifier, the lower the concentration of pollutants, but it will cause problems such as wind blowing and loud noise. In addition, during the purification process, especially when it is just running, the pollution in the air will be absorbed into the air. Around the purifier, the pollution is even heavier. Question: Is it true that the larger the air volume, the better the effect? Answer: For the same purifier, the purification effect of the large windshield is definitely better than that of the small windshield. However, if this standard is used to compare the advantages and disadvantages of different purifiers, it may not be reasonable. We know that air purifiers have a key performance indicator CADR (clean air volume). The larger this value is, the better the purification effect will be in general. But the air volume ≠ CADR. The specific relationship between CADR and air volume is CADR u003d air volume × one-pass purification rate of the purifier. Therefore, it is a bit one-sided to judge the quality of purification performance by the air output alone. Question: Do self-made purifiers work? Answer: The method of tying the HEPA filter in front of the electric fan can indeed reduce the concentration of PM2.5 to a certain extent, but the speed is very slow, and due to the low degree of sealing, the purification effect is far less than that of regular air purifiers. This homemade device is suitable for people who do not have high air quality requirements. Question: How often should the internal filter be changed? Answer: Under normal circumstances, the replacement cycle of the filter element is half a year. In areas with serious pollution, it may need to be replaced in two or three months. Now the purifier basically has an alarm prompt function, which can be replaced according to the reminder of the alarm function. Question: How should the purifier be maintained? Answer: 1. Timely cleaning Air purifiers are places where pollutants gather and need to be cleaned in time. Most of the primary filters can be washed directly, and the dust on the surface of the high-efficiency filter and the activated carbon adsorption layer can be gently brushed off with a soft brush, and then placed in the sun to dry. 2. Replace the filter element on time According to the reminder function, replace the filter element and other consumables regularly to ensure the effectiveness of the product. 3. It is best to change the water every day with a humidification function. There are many purifiers with a humidification function on the market. Due to the existence of the humidification function, the internal environment of such machines is relatively humid, which is easy to breed bacteria. Although many humidification water tanks contain anti-mold materials, in order to reduce secondary pollution, it is recommended to change the water every day, and the filter layer needs to be dried frequently to reduce the growth of bacteria.
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