Pushed the semiconductor technology, traditional air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-11-11
Nearly all these years, more and more difficult to see blue sky white cloud, is fog frequency brush presence. Fog enveloped, indoor and outdoor air quality to drop, great national health of body and mind to be threatened, a lot of people know the environment air governance is a long-term process. Although the current air environment in a short time, it is difficult to change, but we can choose in the indoor air quality and pure and fresh air. Hot air disinfection machine market, journalism parties, the media is now the air sterilization machine on the altar. First of all, to be sure, the air sterilization machine is useful, but little imagine, many disadvantages of air disinfection machine have been ignored. A lot of air disinfection machine are traditional purification disinfection technology and cannot be used in some cases, the traditional air purifier, short life, high cost, difficult to widely use. Developed a new type of air purification technology to solve this problem & ndash; — Semiconductor purification technology. As a new appliances, air disinfection machine product price has been very high, people want to buy cheap air purification disinfection products. In addition to the price is high, the service life of air disinfection machine is also not long. As purification filter bile tends to saturation, purification disinfector adsorption ability drops. If air purifier filter saturation, and open air sterilizer can also lead to secondary pollution. For family income level of medium, the traditional air disinfection machine is a lot of revenue. Air pollution is more and more serious, it is very urgent to air pollution. At present, the environmental protection industry in the period of speed up the development. Environmental governance huge market and development into the golden age. Field of air purification and photocatalytic technology will become increasingly popular, alleviate air pollution situation. Breakthrough technology and environment in this area, or the semiconductor technology into people's life, and promote the development of semiconductor industry, make more efficient air purification disinfection, contribute to environmental causes. The article comes from: welcome reproduced! Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air sterilizer, semiconductor air sterilizer, etc
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