Qingdao mobile (cart-type) ultraviolet air disinfection machine-'' brand is excellent value for money!

by:Funglan     2021-03-05
Shandong Qingdao mobile (trolley type) ultraviolet air sterilizer-'' brand is excellent value for money! '' As a professional manufacturer of mobile ultraviolet air disinfection machines (trolley-type ultraviolet air disinfection machines) in China, we are constantly accelerating the progress of research and development, strive for perfection, and develop more and better trolley-type ultraviolet (medical) air disinfection machines. To meet the growing market demand and scope of application. With the development of the market, it is believed that the '' brand hand-push ultraviolet air disinfection opportunity will be known and used by more consumers, and they can realize the value of the '' mobile medical ultraviolet air disinfection machine. The working principle of the'” brand mobile ultraviolet air disinfection machine: the ultra-quiet fan sucks part of the dirty air in the closed room into the machine; through the (initial effect + intermediate effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) composite filter to filter out the large and small dust in the air ; The super-strong ultraviolet lamp installed on the air inlet side of the filter can instantly kill bacteria in the flowing air; send clean air that has filtered dust and killed bacteria back to the room, and the clean air quickly circulates to the air Purification and sterilization purposes; at the same time, negative oxygen ions freshen the air, and the sterilization rate of natural bacteria in the air can reach more than 90%. ''The mobile ultraviolet air purification and disinfection machine is installed with activated carbon filters, which can effectively remove degradation. Poisonous and harmful gases and odors. At the same time, the cart-type ultraviolet air purification and disinfection machine is equipped with ozone-free high-intensity ultraviolet rays for synergistic sterilization. The hand-push type ultraviolet air purification and disinfection machine is equipped with a push-pull rod, which is easy to move, very convenient, and plug-in. The mobile ultraviolet air purification and disinfection machine is a mobile air disinfection machine with a higher comprehensive performance, so there are many sterilizers who choose this product for the ultraviolet air purification and disinfection machine. The mobile (cart-type) ultraviolet (medical) air disinfection machine market High recognition! Brand disinfection machine has the following models for consumers to choose: Circulating wind UV disinfection machine specifications and models Applicable space Ozone-free UV lamp power (W) noise ≤dB air volume m³/h ZXJ-BD80060-80m³ power ≥96W≤ 50≥800ZXJ-BD100080-100m³ Power ≥120W≤50≥1000ZXJ-BD1300 100-130m³ Power ≥180W≤50≥1300ZXJ-DB80060-80m³ Power ≥96W≤50≥800ZXJ-DB100080-100m³ Power ≥120W≤50≥1000ZXJ-DB1500100- 150m³ power≥216W ≤50≥1500ZXJ-DB2500150-200m³ power ≥288W ≤50≥2500ZXJ-YG80060-80m³ power≥96W≤50≥800ZXJ-YG100080-100m³ power ≥120W≤50≥1000ZXJ-YG1300100-130m³ power ≥180W≤50 ≥1300ZXJ-GY100080-100m³ Power ≥120W≤50≥1000ZXJ-GY1500100-150m³ Power ≥216W ≤50≥1500ZXJ-GY2500150-200m³ Power ≥288W ≤50≥2500 ● The killing rate of white Staphylococcus ≥99.9%.● Yes. The extinction rate of natural bacteria in the air is ≥90%. ● The ozone concentration in the room air during disinfection is ≤0.10mg/m³. ● The high-intensity ultraviolet lamp can be used as a spare. ● Anion can be selected. For more product details, please click to view:
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