Qinghai Xining Ward Air Sterilizer│Air Sterilizer for Operating Room-Which Departments are Applicable-Industry News

by:Funglan     2021-03-09
Qinghai Xining Ward Air Sterilizer│Operating Room Air Sterilizer-Applicable to which departments, regardless of the size of the hospital, gather all kinds of patients, many of which are infectious. This shows that the air environment in the hospital is easy Contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms. In order to reduce the occurrence of nosocomial infections in the hospital, the hospital must take measures such as air purification and disinfection, especially the hospital operating room and the surrounding air quality requirements are very strict, which requires continuous purification of the air in the hospital operating room Disinfect and sterilize. Recently, the person in charge of the Hospital Sensation Office of Xining Hospital in Qinghai Province consulted about air disinfection machines used in hospitals, especially those used in operating rooms. Jin Huaxin now introduces the air sterilizer used in hospitals and the air disinfection machine used in hospital operating rooms, hoping to help the hospital leaders. The air disinfection machine for Jinhuaxin Hospital (air disinfection machine for operating room) is divided into: wall-mounted, mobile cart, vertical cabinet, ceiling recessed and other series of products from the installation method, and is further divided into disinfection factors : Medical ultraviolet air disinfection machine, medical plasma air disinfection machine (alias multifunctional air disinfection machine), etc. According to the air volume of the disinfection machine, it is divided into: 800m3/h, 1000m3/h, 1300m3/h, 1500m3/h and so on. According to the applicable volume of the sterilizer, it can be divided into 80m3, 100m3, 120m3, 150m3 and so on. More air sterilizers for hospitals and air sterilizers for operating rooms view: Jinhuaxin Hospital uses air sterilizers for clean operating rooms, general operating rooms, ICU, NICU, neonatal rooms, delivery rooms, supply rooms, and interventional treatments in hospitals Centers, hemodialysis rooms, infusion rooms, waiting rooms, sterile rooms, treatment rooms and other departments. The air disinfection machine used in Jinhuaxin Hospital (air disinfection machine for operating room) has the following characteristics: 1. Dynamic air disinfection and sterilization, realizes the coexistence of man and machine, and can continuously purify and disinfect the air during the hospital operation, which can effectively reduce The total number of bacteria in the air in the hospital operating room escorts the hospital's operations. 2. The air disinfection machine used in the operating room of Jinhuaxin adopts combined multiple disinfection and sterilization technology to prevent bacteria from developing resistance. High-pressure plasma and high-intensity ultraviolet rays synergize disinfection and sterilization to kill microorganisms quickly and without dead ends. The air disinfection machine used in hospitals can effectively prevent bacteria. Cross-infection and block the spread of the virus. 3. The air disinfection machine used in the operating room of Jinhuaxin Hospital can filter and purify the air. In addition to the rapid sterilization and disinfection function without dead ends, it can also filter out all kinds of odors in the air in the operating room and remove the air in the hospital. Harmful gases, but also a healthy breathing environment in the hospital.
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