Recommended air disinfection machine most suitable for hospitals

by:Funglan     2021-03-29
Nowadays, there are many manufacturers and types of air disinfection machines on the market. They have various technologies, such as semiconductor, ultraviolet, plasma, ozone, etc. Among them, semiconductor, ultraviolet, plasma are medical dynamic air disinfection machines, and ozone belongs to medical static disinfection. With so many types of air disinfection machines, how can we choose the most suitable one? These are suitable for use in a medical environment. Wei Yi recommends the dynamic type, that is, semiconductor, ultraviolet, and plasma air disinfection machines. The biggest advantage of the dynamic air sterilizer is that it can thoroughly disinfect the room without leaving dead ends. Sterilization is more thorough, and this type of product can also be used when there are people. Because the hospital has a large number of staff and moves frequently, in order to solve the problem of effective bacteriostasis even when the staff is present, this type of air disinfection machine is the best choice at present, so that the indoor air quality can meet the standard without affecting the work, and it also improves the treatment efficiency. . The dynamic air disinfection machine has a variety of styles to choose from, such as wall-mounted, mobile, cabinet, ceiling-embedded, and can be switched on and off at regular intervals, disinfection time selection, and fault alarm reminders. The air sterilizer can effectively improve the indoor environment of the hospital. In addition to the function of disinfection and sterilization, it can also purify the indoor air through junior high-efficiency filtration and activated carbon filtration. In addition, the negative ion generator can clear the air. It is a rare product for disinfecting and purifying air. .
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