Recommended reason for wall-mounted air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-21
Reasons for recommending wall-mounted air sterilizers Everyone knows that the air pollution in hospitals is serious. Air sterilizers are essential medical sterilization equipment, and wall-mounted air sterilizers are the most commonly used one. At present, the most widely used sterilization technology is the circulating wind ultraviolet sterilizer. The use of the product is very simple, especially the wall-mounted air disinfection machine, which adopts the LCD operation and monitoring system to disinfect the air regularly, and can also use remote control for temporary disinfection, which can be used simply and easily by anyone. The disinfection effect of the wall-mounted air disinfection machine is remarkable. When installed on the indoor wall, it not only does not occupy a space area, but also does not need to evacuate the personnel during disinfection. It is safe and thorough, and there is no secondary pollution. Installation requirements for wall-mounted air sterilizer: 1. The side distance is at least 200mm from the wall and 150mm from the ceiling; 2. Each machine requires the user to provide a 220V 50Hz three-phase power socket. Recommended reason for wall-mounted air sterilizer: 1. Advantages of the model: The machine is economical to purchase, if it is purchased in large quantities, it is the preferred model; 2. Installation environment: If a single room is installed, consider this model, such as treatment room, dressing change 3. The installation of multiple units in a large area will affect the aesthetics of the overall layout, and the single-sheet air can only be circulated up and down at a single angle. Wall-mounted air sterilizer is not only used in hospitals but also in food and pharmaceuticals, biological products, dental clinics, personal clinics, beauty salons, rehabilitation centers, blood stations and other fields. The reason why it is so widely used is mainly because it is a program Controlled, and the sterilization of the sterilization room is automatically completed. Moreover, the ozone-free ultraviolet lamp used in the wall-mounted air disinfection machine can be thoroughly disinfected and sterilized by its high-intensity irradiation without leaving any dead corners. The automatic structure makes it easier and more convenient to operate. These are the main reasons for its widespread use. Wall-mounted air disinfection machines are widely used in hospitals in daily life. One is that they are affordable, and the other is that they are easy to install. ''Professional Ru0026D, production and sales of medical air disinfection machines! For details, please click on the official website: http:///
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