Reduce the harm that fog haze, what should we do

by:Funglan     2020-11-02
Reduce the damage of haze, what should we do gradually enter the autumn, there are a lot of people worried about the appearance of haze, because of the fog haze generally appear in the autumn and winter is more, plus all kinds of air around the dye WuYuan, let us moved to air quality concerns, in which people in the capital, Beijing haze weather we have felt in the past year, I don't know this year will be better. Experts say that appear when the fog & other; To reduce the smog damage, the most important thing is to reduce the inhalation. ” Pollution in the air, out less as far as possible, also do not to strenuous exercise outdoors, especially the elderly, pregnant women, children and other bad resistance. Here, the air disinfection machine small make up for your fog haze when we introduce how to prevent a few small coup, summed up a few, in the fog haze days I can't give up. When you I can't change the air quality change life habit! For your reference: 1, 2, going home after go out wearing a face mask in a timely manner to clean, wash your hands often, especially when having a meal to wash hands before 3, keeping some of greenery, purify the air in the home 4, take exercise more at ordinary times, fitness, diet, prevent virus interference 5, when the fog haze, often do not open the window is not method, the appropriate also want to breathe, of course, if the money can buy a air disinfection machine at home. Buy air disinfection machine have what roles, but as the name, instrument is the air purification disinfection, there are a lot of people is not very understanding, it can help us? First, it can effectively remove the PM2. 5, if the discharge a large amount of fine material (in the life PM2。 5) , continue to accumulate, the fruit affected by static unstable weather, appear easily a wide range of fog. Second, when the fog haze, close the doors and Windows, let indoor of some bacteria, dust and other microorganisms can not go out, the indoor cycle, contact for a long time is bad for your health. Moreover, even if there is no fog haze, fewer we open a window in the winter time, and these things are not good escaping, accumulate indoors. Finally, air disinfection machine also have certain effect to remove the peculiar smell, cooking, frying, furniture and other peculiar smell of formaldehyde can absorb very well. So when we do not improve ambient air, smog dust storms came as usual, at home when the air is not good, put a air sterilizer at home, because no amount of money can't buy a good body. Especially for the elderly, pregnant women, children in the home, their resistance is poor, has a lot to help with this.
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