Remove the PM2 air disinfection machine. How about 5, valid?

by:Funglan     2020-11-02
Remove the PM2 air disinfection machine. How about 5, valid? PM2。 5 as attention by the public in recent years a word, most people are aware from Internet or media, followed by it spawned a variety of air quality problems also become everybody discussion points, merchant manufacturer will grasp the opportunity, timely in their own air purification disinfection machine or air purifier raised and PM2. 5 related slogans. Many consumers and experts are beginning to question, the effect is really so good, so, air purification disinfection machine can really filter PM2. 5 the air particles? First of all, the air sterilization machine is mainly used in hospital, but in the civil, remove the PM2. 5 effect also is very good. A, PM2. 5 what is? 1,PM2。 5 refers to the atmosphere diameter less than or equal to 2. 5 micron particles, also known as can go directly to the alveoli. Its diameter is less than 1/20 of the thickness of a human hair. 2, although the PM2. But few components content of earth's atmospheric composition, but it has important effect on visibility and air quality etc. 3, compared to the coarser atmospheric particulate matter, PM2. 5 small particle size, rich in a lot of poisonous and harmful substances and in the atmosphere for a long time, transmission distance, and to human health and the impact of atmospheric environment quality. Second, the source of PM2. 5 come mainly from the daily power generation, industrial production, such as vehicle emissions in the process of the residues after combustion and emissions, mostly contain heavy metals and other toxic substances. Here are air purification disinfection principle diagram of the machine: air disinfection machine by the provincial health department inspection, PM2. 5 a one-time through the removal rate of 100%. Other products also have PM2 on display. 5 particle number, room temperature, moderate very practical functions such as induction. And material consumption of the product in this respect, also is in a leading position in the industry, the core component of product semiconductor disinfection purification device can be cleaning parts, to a large extent the use of the late consumables cost saving. As a result, air sterilizer remove PM2. Five is no problem, you can don't worry, as the environment changes required, air disinfection machine become the necessities of our lives. As for manufacturers do not have these functions, and 'the banner of marketing, should be punished, but also not to kill all the purification disinfection products a pole, misdirect consumer. General normal manufacturer production of air purification sterilization machine can be, have the related test report, also withstand the testing institution or testing experimental equipment. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machine remove PM2. 5, and other products
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