Reproduced machine room air conditioning energy saving technology principle is analysed

by:Funglan     2020-10-14
Reprinted analyses principle of room air conditioning energy saving technology we often speak of air sterilizer, so why always places need to use air disinfection machine room air conditioning? In front of the small write a lot about various places to use the role and importance of air disinfection machine. With small make up today to get to know the hvac room air-conditioning energy saving technology principle, which commonly used system. According to statistics, energy consumption of air conditioning generally accounts for 20% ~ 45% of energy consumption of communication, some even as high as 60% above. Therefore, under the condition of ensure the normal operation of communication equipment, energy-saving must first grab from air conditioning the large energy consumption. At present, the mainstream of new energy saving scheme, mostly for air conditioning. Energy-saving system basic principle: heat exchanger heat exchanger under the condition of completely isolated inside and outside air, using the outside cold source, the internal environment for cooling, achieve the goal of reducing air-conditioning running time in order to realize the energy saving. Two groups of fans, external air suction respectively ( Outer loop) And the internal hot air ( Inner loop) , cold, hot air heat transfer in heat exchange with the core in the body, through the heat exchanger core body diaphragm, inside the hot air gives off heat, the temperature is reduced, cold air blow out from the rack above after cooling. Should pay attention to in using: energy-saving heat exchanger system similar to the basic principle of new wind energy saving system, the main difference is that both the indoor and outdoor heat exchanger system of cold and hot air heat exchange, mixed gases are not mutually; And new wind energy saving system is cold air after filtering the outdoor and indoor air mixture. From this is that the benefits of room remain closed, indoor air cleanliness does not decline. But the disadvantages of heat exchanger is also obvious, that is, its heat exchange efficiency is relatively low, obvious energy saving effect than fresh air system. New wind energy saving system basic principle: the fresh air and energy saving system is to adopt intelligent control technology and the temperature and humidity sensor technology, combined with gas and thermal principle, reasonable use of room inside and outside form heat transfer temperature difference, rely on a large number of leak effectively the heat rapid outward migration within the room, so as to achieve the purpose of effectively reduce the internal temperature of the room. Should pay attention to in using: due to the introduction of outdoor fresh air, is filtered, hard to avoid can introduce dust, resulting in a decline in room cleanliness and influence the safety operation of the communication equipment. Therefore, it is generally recommended to connect new wind energy saving system deployment in ordinary into rooms, mobile communication base station, etc. , and higher requirements for cleanliness of communications and other large room key buildings, a central exchange, does not recommend the use of the system. Originally closed room due to the introduction of new wind and opened two small window, make the room fire safety levels decline. So the inlet/outlet fire valve technology should be adopted. Fire dampers in a normally open state, when a fire started, fuse action makes the valve closed, to cut off the air circulation, prevent the fire from spreading. Such as jiangsu mobile: according to the weather characteristics of jiangsu province, the new wind energy system in 3 ~ 6 months and 10 to exert its powerful energy saving in November, below 26 ℃ outside can completely control air conditioning system, stop the operation of the air conditioning, to control the indoor temperature below 30 ℃, the system is only 1% ~ 5% of energy consumption of air conditioning energy consumption, energy saving effect is quite obvious. In 7 ~ 9 in high temperature environment, the system can at night temperature 28 ℃ lower than outdoor, make air conditioning downtime, thereby the energy saving and prolonging the service life of the air conditioning effect. The system is in use throughout the year, can save computer room air conditioning energy consumption by 40% ~ 60%. Basic principle of adaptive control air-conditioning energy saving system: by passing air conditioning running parameters & other Manually set throughout the &; Instead of by computer monitoring and control system & other; Automatically set throughout the &; 。 Automatic tracking system of day and night, season, area of the change of temperature and humidity automatic control the working state of the air conditioning justice, make air conditioning to do work as needed. The original engine is equipped with many sets of air conditioning, but each is air conditioning & other Individual soldiers & throughout; Way, we are for the whole rooms dedicated air-conditioning group & other Throughout & operations team; Form, the unit of work efficiency, realize the optimum combination, precise management, save energy. The system is suitable for all kinds of communications and other large room key, a central exchange. Air conditioning spare capacity, the greater the room sealing performance, the better, the higher the rate of power saving. But due to a variety of different between working condition of each room, so the energy saving technology is the implementation of the cycle is long, large initial investment. But once the installation is complete, the daily maintenance work will be very easy and convenient. Above, we can learn the room air conditioning energy saving technology in hvac industry is the important problem, so corresponding system according to the actual situation to make the above measures, improve the technology, environmental protection and energy saving. We see the fresh air in front of the same system in the process of filtering dust into unceasingly, reduce the room cleanliness, will also affect the safety operation of the communication equipment. So small make up recommend central air conditioning air disinfector, installed in the computer room or fresh air system, to a certain extent, can improve the room cleanliness, ensure safe operation of communications.
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