Reveal the fog haze will cause keratitis?

by:Funglan     2020-11-24
Haze is no longer a strange word, in recent years as air pollution, especially coal use. According to the relevant information: coal burning pollution is the main culprit of fog in our country, whether industrial coal, coal or family. In our country from ancient since today there is no coal is needed for daily life, after the air condensed the many coal combustion harmful gases and particles. Small make up today's environment to share will reveal the fog haze cause keratitis? We all know that the fog haze, also known as: PM2. 5. Small make up also write what is before PM2. PM2 5, simple narrative again. 5 refers to the atmosphere diameter less than or equal to 2. 5 micron particles, also known as can go directly to the alveoli. Scientists PM2. 5 said per cubic meter of the content of the particles in the air, the higher values of particulate matter says the more serious air pollution? Away will inevitably touch some haze particles in the body, then to ride a bike, electric cars, motorcycles, such as glass block, eyes are very easy to haze. Facial features are interlinked, so travel in haze weather, some with masks, hats, glasses or mask! But the eyes is very fragile, as the saying goes: eyes hold the sand. Then the PM2. 5 although eyes do not feel, but because of that accumulated for a long time. Pollution of eyes, will be inflammation. Others said pink eye, actually also is eye inflammation. Eye diseases have a dozen, including conjunctivitis and keratitis when serious infection. The fog can cause keratitis? We take a look at, there is the most susceptible in life we these myopic compatriots. We all know will wear glasses myopia, what glasses lens glasses, contact lenses. Face the fog glasses pollution is inevitable, we can at any time can wash brushed, but contact lenses though beautiful, but easy to bacterial infection. Such as: who has a cold hands often with a large number of bacteria, is easy to apply, to make it into the eye wear contact lenses. In addition, the cold often accompanied by a slight eye inflammation, wear contact lenses will aggravate inflammation. Many painkillers, cough and cold resistance of all ingredients that suppresses the limit of tears, will lead to decreased tear secretion make contact lenses too dry. At the same time, the dust will decrease as the air into the person's eye that transparency, thus affect vision. Cause keratitis and conjunctivitis eye inflammation. Thus we can find that fog can cause keratitis, then how can we prevent? At home we can provide mobile air disinfector, completes the fog prevention measures, had better go out less less wear contact lenses, pay attention to a balanced diet, pay attention to exercise, pay attention to indoor air circulation method, pay attention to the life and health. Hope in the home air disinfection function for everyone to create excellent indoor air environment, pay attention to travel safety and protective measures. Thanks for reading, also hope to help everyone in life small make up articles on indoor air and health protection add the meager strength.
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