Semiconductor wall full of air disinfection machine parameters

by:Funglan     2020-11-12
Semiconductor wall-mounted air disinfection machine parameters for consumers or need to know, we need to know is a wall-mounted air disinfection machine depends on the price of the use of space, there are a variety of data parameters decision, so if you use more words in our daily life, wall-mounted air disinfection machine wholesale price will be more favorable. In addition to price, we look at the wall under the air disinfection machine related product information. Hanging air disinfection machine advantages: 1. PM2。 5 removal rate over 90% 2. Cleaning and maintenance reminder; 3. Anion fault automatic detection; 4. Beijing time display accurate; 5. Sustainable dynamic dust removal in addition to bacteria, man-machine coexist; 6. Super durable steel shell, safe and reliable, materials, environmental protection, no secondary pollution; 7. Realize three phase timing, automatic memory, automatic switch machine, the function such as a key to sleep; 8. Wind speed, high, medium and low three gears adjustable; 9. Manual, automatic timing, three work modes, free and flexible way of disinfection; 10. Advanced timing function, according to the needs of different can be a single time, cycle time and normal work any Settings; 11. Microcomputer program control, luxurious Chinese backlit LCD screen; 12. Motor fault alarm; 13. Uv lamp working malfunction automatically detect; 14. When the uv lamp fails, the standby uv lamp automatic support; 15. Technology: plasma sterilization dust removal device, photocatalytic sterilization in addition to odor, dust removal, lysozyme and aseptic technique; 16. Unique to the Japanese original intelligent sensing technology, can monitor air quality at the same time, temperature, humidity, direct according to monitoring results, according to the detection results of intelligent operation, automatic catch dust and bacteria. Wall-mounted air disinfection machine product parameters: the more we understand the complete parameters of semiconductor wall-mounted air disinfection machine, yesterday we saw the function and application of semiconductor wall-mounted air disinfection machine products let us on the wall had a deeper understanding of air disinfection machine, that tomorrow we see what skills the wall-mounted air sterilizer installation '. Hope small make up to you to write the article can help you better choice to heart diet products.
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