Semiconductor wall-mounted air disinfection machine product features and applications

by:Funglan     2020-10-27
Semiconductor wall-mounted air disinfection machine product features and applications of semiconductor wall-mounted air disinfection machine products are environmental medical air disinfection machine, air purification, air purification disinfection sterilization machine device in one, won the national utility model patents and invention patent. This product is specially developed for man-machine coexistence environment design, safe and reliable, can disinfect, and harmless to the human body. Known as the modern & other; Green disinfection products & throughout; Marks the air disinfection entered a new era. This machine adopts the high reliability, high precision, intelligent timing device, the operation is simple and convenient. A, wall-mounted air sterilizer product function and characteristics: 1, efficient disinfection: bacteria in the air and microbial killing rate is as high as & ge; 99. 9%; 2, efficient purification: 0 in the air. 5μ M above the tiny particles of dust removal & ge; 90. 00%; 3, broad-spectrum sterilization: for airborne bacteria, mildew, virus and e. dry bacteria, etc. ; 4, energy conservation and environmental protection: dust collection methods, which can realize a waste gas processing material recycling; 5, intelligent control: application of gases, particles, a variety of sensing technology such as oxygen, to realize automatic start-up and shutdown control; 6, high-end luxury: by microcomputer and luxury LCD panel design, automatic, timing, manual three disinfection modes to choose; 7, convenient maintenance, maintenance: after using semiconductor, simply rinse immediately with water pollution of parts; 8, man-machine coexist: safe and reliable, can people in a state of continuous disinfection sterilization; 9, super far infrared remote control receiving, can remote operation; 10, adopt imported from circulation fan, energy-saving, durable, low noise; 11, with the whole life time, maintenance, fault alarm functions such as tip; 12, memory function: when encounter power restart, no need to reset, can restore power before operating mode; 13, optional configuration: using remote central control system. One machine operating dozens of devices, to give you a new experience of operating experience; 14, sterilization, no dead Angle, no secondary pollution, low power consumption; 15, purification due to human respiratory, sweat, urine and objects for reactions such as mildew and rot of peculiar smell. Second, wall-mounted air disinfection machine product application: 1. : hospital inpatient, clinics, operating rooms, wards, blood stations, clinics, laboratories, etc. ; 2. Factory, electronics factory, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory, food factory, etc. 3. Commercial, office, banking, securities, commercial buildings, etc. ; 4. Public places: bus station, subway station, airport, hotel, supermarket, library, etc. Really high quality products, environmental production each air purification equipment, through the provincial center for disease control and prevention, centers for disease control and prevention, micro detection and health supervision bureau approval. The main electric field can be used for more than 10 years. And maintenance is very convenient, simply rinse immediately with water contaminated parts. More exciting in the next article the complete parameters of semiconductor wall-mounted air disinfection machine, welcome to inquire!
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