Slightly talk about central air conditioning of the importance of clean air disinfector and health

by:Funglan     2020-10-21
When it comes to the central air conditioning air disinfector everyone not unfamiliar, improvement of living standards part of hospitals, kindergartens, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, family, scientific research, companies, factories, Banks, public places and so on are equipped with central air conditioning air disinfector, so this is not curious, special products. So who knows if the central air conditioning air disinfector health didn't do a good job in appear what harm? Someone will ask: small make up you are scare people? In order to let everybody know more health knowledge, chat with small make up the central air conditioning of the importance of clean air disinfector health, what will cause? According to the small make up to know, central air conditioning air disinfector using or shelved for a long time for a long time, dirt, dust and air sterilizer internal easy jam microbial bacteria, produce peculiar smell, a long period of time used for a long time easy to develop & quot; Air-condition disease & quot; 。 What is air-condition disease, air-condition disease refers to: stay in air conditioning environment to work or study for a long time, because indoor air betting, bacterial growth led to the decrease of the human body immunity, produce all kinds of symptoms, there will be a stuffy nose, fatigue, memory loss, limb muscle joint pain, dizziness, nausea, the symptom such as joint pain, loss of appetite, tinnitus, and some skin becomes poor, allergy and firmness in dry. One of the main culprit of a air-condition disease, is the central air conditioning air disinfector using for a long time, or put on hold too long is not used, then no cleaning. Microbial bacteria through the air conditioning in the wind, the air contains a lot of bacteria, fungi, and can cause respiratory disease. Part of the above is related to the central air conditioning use figure, we all know that generally installed later, almost no one can think of to clean up the internal and outlet and health, clean air conditioning. You must have been to the supermarket, hospitals and other public places, also can see the central air conditioning mouth are dust and dirt, or even a thick covering layer. Does this have you seen it? Small make up believe that everyone has seen, take the family central air conditioning is known to all, the most understand. Few people can stand his chest said: & other; My home central air conditioning of health is very good, because I will stick to regular cleaning & throughout; 。 Such a person very few, because the central air conditioning in the life health has not been seriously, and stay for a long time in air conditioning room. Life inevitably cause a variety of ailments. Someone will ask: & other; Small make up, you say is the central air conditioning air disinfector, how could have bacteria, disinfection sterilization, isn't it? ” Yes, central air conditioning air disinfector is can sterilization, purify the air. But we can't misunderstand, is needs to maintenance and maintenance machinery, it could not have a permanent job, it is impossible to not the sterilization effect. But we can through regular cleaning and maintenance, maintain health to improve the sterilization of the central air conditioning air disinfector, air purification effect. Central air conditioning air disinfector hygiene is very important, just like women need maintenance, pay attention to health, the youth will stay a bit longer, but the people there will always be old one day. Return the theme, the key lies in whether or not you know the health situation behind the central air conditioning air disinfector, whether a clean plan, whether to take action on the central air conditioning air disinfector sanitation clean. Together for our family and their physical and mental health, come on! Hope small make up article can bring you a little inspiration, a little inspiration. Better life, let the life of the air more pure and fresh, let health always around you and your family.
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