Smog common sense-how to buy an air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-02-24
1. What is haze? Haze is a collection of a large number of tiny dust particles, smoke particles or salt particles suspended in the atmosphere, making the air turbid and reducing the horizontal visibility to below 10 kilometers. The haze is generally milky white, which weakens the color of objects. Make distant bright objects slightly yellowish red, and dark objects slightly blue. According to the relevant research of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention from 2013 to 2015, the main components of haze are water-soluble inorganic ions (nitrate, sulfate and ammonium salt ions, etc.), metals and metalloids (lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc.), and carbon Substances (organic carbon and inorganic carbon), etc.  2. Does smog affect the human body?   Haze has an impact on the human body! According to data, the impact of haze on the human body is generally divided into direct and indirect effects. Direct impact: When the concentration of air pollutants increases sharply in a short period of time, the population may cause acute hazards due to inhalation of large amounts of pollutants, and symptoms of respiratory and eye irritation, such as cough, sore throat, headache, etc.; if long-term exposure It can cause chronic inflammation, decreased immunity, and allergies.  Indirect effects: It can affect our health through long-term indirect effects, such as the influence of solar radiation and microclimate, the greenhouse effect, the destruction of the ozone layer, and the formation of acid rain.  3. Why do we reduce going out in the haze weather? According to relevant research conducted by the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2013-2015, when the doors and windows are closed, the indoor PM2.5 concentration in severe haze weather is 30 to 40% lower than the outdoor concentration. Therefore, it is recommended to minimize outdoor activities during haze weather. , Especially to reduce the time and intensity of outdoor sports.   4. Should I wear a mask when the smog comes? how to choose? How to wear a mask correctly?   Wearing a mask is the most important protective measure if you have to go out in a haze. Any mask has a certain protective effect, but it is recommended to choose a good protective mask.   According to national standards, the protection level of masks is divided into four levels from low to high: D, C, B, and A, corresponding to different air quality conditions. Class A corresponds to 'severe pollution' and is used when the PM2.5 concentration reaches 500 ug/m3; Class D corresponds to 'moderate pollution and below   Masks should be worn in accordance with their instructions when using them. When wearing, you must completely cover the nose, mouth and chin, and keep the mask close to the face. The better the tightness, the better the protective effect.   5. What should be paid attention to when wearing a mask?   Not everyone is suitable for wearing a mask. The tight structure and filter material of the mask will increase breathing resistance and reduce comfort. Different groups of people should pay attention to wearing masks: pregnant women should wear protective masks and choose products with better comfort according to their own conditions, such as protective masks equipped with exhalation valves to reduce exhalation resistance and sultry feeling; children are in the growth and development stage , And its face is small, and it is difficult for general masks to achieve tightness. It is recommended to choose children's protective masks produced by regular manufacturers; when wearing masks for the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, and respiratory diseases, it is recommended to use them under the guidance of professional physicians. .   Masks are not suitable for long-term wear. On the one hand, the outside of the mask adsorbs particulate matter and other pollutants, which causes an increase in respiratory resistance; on the other hand, the inside of the mask will also accumulate bacteria and viruses in the exhaled breath. If you can’t breathe fresh air for a long time, your immunity will decrease.  Non-disposable masks should be cleaned regularly and the filter membrane should be replaced. Keep them properly when not worn.   6. How to pay attention to personal hygiene after returning home from outdoor activities in the haze weather?   After going out in the haze weather, clothes, nose and mouth, and bare skin will be attached to a large number of pollutants in the haze, which can continue to cause health hazards. Therefore, it is recommended to take off your coat, wash your face, hands, mouth and nose in time after going out and go home to reduce pollution.   7. Why should children and the elderly pay more attention to haze protection? Children are in the growth and development stage and are more sensitive to the environment than adults; the elderly have low body resistance and usually suffer from basic diseases. The large amount of dust and particles in the haze can irritate the respiratory tract and easily cause respiratory tract irritation. Therefore, children and the elderly need more Pay attention to the protection of smog.   8. What should I do if symptoms such as coughing and sore throat occur in haze weather?   Acute hazards caused by large amounts of pollutants in haze weather are mainly manifested as respiratory and eye irritation symptoms, such as cough, sore throat, eye redness and tearing, etc. Symptomatic treatment is recommended to relieve symptoms if necessary. It is recommended for sensitive people with underlying diseases to reduce outdoor activities in haze days while reducing to crowded and polluted places, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, and pay attention to adding or removing clothing at any time to maintain good physical condition.   9. How do families choose air disinfection machines?   has a certain effect on purifying the air. When choosing, pay attention to the following three points: First, you must clarify the purpose of use, and you must choose a purifier that has a purification effect on PM2.5; Second, you must pay attention to the performance indicators of the air disinfection machine. According to national standards, a truly effective air The purifier should be an air sterilizer with 'three highs and one low':    high clean air volume: clean air volume (CADR) is the purification effect index of the air sterilizer. The larger the CADR value, the stronger the purification ability of the disinfector and the better the purification effect. Great.  
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