Smoking and secondhand smoking How many cigarettes can your body handle a day?

by:Funglan     2022-01-14
Second-hand smoke air purifier reminds you: smoking is harmful to health, everyone must know this very well, but even if they know that it is harmful to health, there are still many people who smoke, especially male friends, who feel that they smoke a few cigarettes a day after work , can relieve fatigue, but also relieve their own stress. In daily life, some people may smoke one pack a day, while others may smoke 2-3 packs, so how many cigarettes can our body withstand a day? Why is smoking addictive? Cigarettes contain a lot of harmful substances, such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, etc. When these harmful substances enter the human body, the human brain will be stimulated, and then dopamine will be released, making people feel happy, so it can be relieved own pressure. And nicotine will also stimulate the sympathetic nerves, so that people's visceral nerves are stimulated to a certain extent, which in turn makes people release adrenaline, which is why smoking is addictive! Someone has two packs of cigarettes a day and it's fine? According to relevant research studies, the human body can support the nicotine content of three cigarettes. Many people in life often smoke 2-3 packs of cigarettes every day but they are fine. This is because part of the nicotine will volatilize into the air during the burning process of cigarettes. The remaining part is still in the cigarette butts, so only a small amount of nicotine will enter the human body. Only after smoking for a long time will it cause greater harm to the human body. How many cigarettes can the human body bear in a day? According to relevant surveys and studies, for people who smoke regularly, the number of cigarettes should be controlled within 5 in normal times, which is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes every 4 days, which can reduce the impact on the body. The damage caused can also make your body feel better. Therefore, according to the time interval and the tolerance of the body, the human body can withstand 3-4 cigarettes a day. In normal times, we must stay away from the environment of second-hand smoke, so that it is beneficial to the health of the body. How to prevent secondhand smoke from surrounding the invading body? Getting smokers to quit smoking is just a distant dream for the vast majority of secondhand smoke victims. To avoid the harm of second-hand smoke, the key is to thoroughly purify the polluted air. A purifier that meets these requirements, I really found a second-hand smoke air purifier from our company. Its equipment has a built-in high-voltage electrostatic field (electronic dust collection room) + laminar flow filter + activated carbon adsorption + negative oxygen ion function, efficient purification Fresh indoor air. Through the built-in motor of the purifier, the air is inhaled from the upper air inlet for purification treatment, and the clean air is discharged from the air outlet at the bottom of the purifier to continuously circulate and purify. The purifier can completely eliminate harmful substances such as cigarette smoke, bacteria, and floating dust in the air with a diameter of 0.01um, effectively remove odors and odors in the air, and make the air filtration effect more than 99%. Our second-hand smoke air purifier adopts unique electronic integrated room technology, which can not only remove PM2.
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