Smoking room smoke purifier keeps the air fresh

by:Funglan     2022-01-25
Smoking ban must not be relaxed - it is related to the health of the whole people, but the facilitation of tobacco control is a good compromise, such as the tobacco control rooms set up in public places in various places: it is convenient for smokers to smoke, and will not let second-hand smoke endanger non-smokers At the same time, it can also improve the service quality of public places (at least the phenomenon of ash and cigarette butts being thrown all over the floor)! So, where is the right place to install a tobacco control room? Xiaobian will analyze it for you today: 1. Airports are a Where the security check is very strict, the passenger flow is large, and the hygiene level is very high, there is absolutely no smoking in the airport. With the tobacco control room, the hidden dangers can be eliminated and the service quality of the airport can be improved. 2. The space of the office building is small, relatively closed, the air mobility is not enough, and the fire protection requirements are high. If one person smokes, all the staff will be affected. After installing the smoke control room, the second-hand smoke can be directly isolated. 3. There will inevitably be people smoking when the hotel is staggered. Are you at the same table fed up with the harm of second-hand smoke? With a tobacco control room, these embarrassments will be easily resolved. 4. The CBDs and shopping plazas around the shopping malls are basically comprehensive shopping malls, with everything to eat, drink and play. Smoking is inevitable. In order to avoid the appearance of a discordant picture of cigarette butts and smoke lingering on the floor, it is very necessary to install an environmentally friendly smoke control room.
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