'Source Disinfection' Mobile Air Sterilizer ◆Trolley Type Medical Air Sterilizer-Manufacturer

by:Funglan     2021-03-23
'Source Sterilization' Mobile Air Sterilizer ◆Trolley Type Medical Air Sterilizer-Manufacturers of Mobile Air Sterilizer Manufacturers. Among the manufacturers of mobile air sterilizers, Jin Huaxin is highly praised by hospital consumers. The cart-type medical air sterilizer developed by it is not only It can be used in a fixed place, and it can also be used in multiple rooms. The problem of air disinfection in the room where a hanging air sterilizer cannot be installed is solved, and the shortcoming of the wall-mounted air disinfection machine cannot be moved. In addition, the trolley-type medical air disinfection machine is more cost-effective, so it has been praised by more hospitals. The mobile air disinfection machine is disinfected at the source and has a stronger sterilization power! Jinhuaxin mobile air sterilizer is more practical: 1. It is equipped with a push-pull rod, which is easy to move, very convenient, and plug and play; 2. Four exquisite universal casters are installed at the bottom to make the sterilizer follow you. Move, let air disinfection follow you, more convenient and practical. 3. The cart-type medical air sterilizer can easily move the placement position and the direction of the wind, and it is faster than the fixed air disinfection machine in terms of purification and disinfection of the local air in the room. 4. Equipped with a remote control, which can switch on and off remotely, and the disinfection machine can realize intelligent automatic switch on and off. 5. Mobile air disinfection machine is more cost-effective, so it is liked by many consumers and more practical! Selection of cart-type medical air disinfection machine: According to the actual needs of users, it is generally suitable for rooms with a disinfection area of u200bu200bno more than 30 square meters, and rooms with more than 30 square meters need to use two or more mobile air disinfection machines. As the source manufacturer of medical air sterilizers, Jinhuaxin is continuously increasing its research and development efforts, striving for perfection, and developing more and better air sterilizers to meet the growing market and different places of use. With the development of the market, it is believed that more consumers will know and use Jinhua sterilizers, and they will be able to appreciate the practicality and value of Jinhuaxin sterilizers.
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