Specifications and requirements for the construction of smoking rooms and non-smoking areas

by:Funglan     2022-01-25
In recent years, 'tobacco control' has become a hot topic, and there are often slogans. There are countless propaganda slogans about rejecting tobacco in public places and creating a harmonious, civilized and healthy urban environment. Smoking is harmful to health. Not smoking in public places is not only a social morality, but also a test of modern civilization that reflects the civilized quality of citizens. 1. Indoor and outdoor areas of primary and secondary schools, secondary vocational schools, and kindergartens, and indoor areas such as teaching places, libraries, and student dormitories in other schools; 2. Theaters, concert halls, libraries, exhibition halls, museums, art galleries, Indoor areas of various public cultural venues such as science and technology museums and public canteens; 3. Inner areas of public transportation such as buses, taxis, long-distance passenger cars, urban rail transit trains, passenger ferries, airplanes, and trains; 4. Inside elevators and its indoor waiting area. 1. Designate a smoking area, and other areas outside the smoking area are prohibited from smoking. Waiting areas for long-distance passenger cars, passenger ferries, planes, trains and other public transportation; various gatherings, celebrations, performances, activities and other places; dance halls, entertainment rooms and other entertainment venues. 2. Tobacco control standards 1. There are no smoking signs, and eye-catching no-smoking warnings and signs should be set up. Units and places with conditions should use electronic screens to scroll and play no-smoking slogans; ) Tobacco system, strengthen publicity and education; 3. No smoking appliances, no smoking-related appliances are set up in offices, conference rooms and other areas; 4. No cigarette butts, no cigarette butts on the ground in non-smoking areas. 3. Conditions that smoking areas should meet: 1. Meet fire safety requirements; 2. Effectively separate from non-smoking areas; 3. Keep away from crowded areas and main passages; 4. Set up independent and effective ventilation devices; 5. Set up eye-catching 6. Configure ashtrays (boxes); 7. Set up propaganda warnings that smoking is harmful to health and other smoking control.
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