Static air disinfection machine and dynamic air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-10-30
Nowadays medical air disinfection machine is essential medical equipment, all kinds of air disinfection machine provides a comprehensive hospital disinfection solution. Common air disinfection machine with revolving wind ultraviolet ozone disinfection machine, air disinfection machine (air Ozone has three oxygen atoms, so some manufacturers also named medical three oxygen sterilizing machine) , photocatalytic air disinfection machine and plasma air sterilization machine, electrostatic adsorption and air disinfection machine, etc. , so many types, it is difficult to distinguish, but a lot of air disinfection machine disinfection factor is the same, the focus is different, the total is classified into two kinds, one is for the dynamic state, the other is static. What is a dynamic state, what is static, it sounds feel bad also to distinguish, but careful understanding, actually very good distinguish, dynamic state is refers to can in some environment disinfection, disinfection patients and staff do not need to leave, when this kind of air disinfection machine can satisfy human coexistence is the dynamic state of medical air sterilization machine, on the other hand, need to be in unmanned environment disinfection, disinfection personnel must leave this kind of air disinfection machine called static, general common static medical ozone disinfection machine is refers to the air air disinfection machine, because ozone is persistence smelling, have a harm to human body, ozone disinfection after open, must leave within 1 minute. And other like wind circulation ultraviolet air disinfection machine, photocatalytic, plasma, electrostatic adsorption of these belong to dynamic state air sterilizer. In this one thing need to be especially emphasized is that some dynamic state medical sterilizer with static air disinfection function, this is what we call the dual-purpose activity, therefore, was applied dual-purpose machine is need to pay special attention to, open the static disinfection function need to move on, to avoid unnecessary injury, and in my professional point of view, ozone disinfection machines is best not to add a static function, its for two reasons, given the ozone has strong oxidation, long-term for easy corrosion effect on the formation inside the machine parts, reduce the service life of the machine, and if it is in the operating room, metal equipment, time is long also easy to cause corrosion to indoor medical equipment, this is the first, the second is the static disinfection is not convenient, also not safe, especially to the stream of place, so I suggest it is best to choose the pure dynamic air disinfection machine. ( Company specializing in the r&d, production, sales, After) Medical air disinfection machine, central air disinfection purification plant for the integration of high and new science and technology co. , LTD. , factory direct sale, complete qualification certificates, and cheap, welcome the masses of the user consultation order) Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of dynamic mobile air disinfection machine, price of air disinfection machine, etc
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