Sterilization principle of air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-24
The sterilization principle of air sterilizer is to irradiate bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms with ultraviolet rays to destroy the structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) in the body, causing it to die immediately or lose its ability to reproduce.  Quartz UV lamps have advantages, so how to identify true and false. Different wavelengths of ultraviolet light have different bactericidal abilities. Only short-wave ultraviolet (200-300nm) can kill bacteria. Among them, the bactericidal ability is strongest in the range of 250-270nm. The cost and performance of ultraviolet lamps made of different materials are different. Really high-intensity and long-life UV lamps must be made of quartz glass. This type of lamp is also called quartz germicidal lamp. It is divided into two types: high-ozone type and low-ozone type. High-ozone type is generally used in disinfection cabinets. Quartz ultraviolet lamp has a remarkable feature compared with other ultraviolet lamps. In addition, it produces high ultraviolet intensity, which is more than 1.5 times that of high-boron lamps, and the ultraviolet radiation intensity has a long life.   The reliable resolution method is to use the 254 nm probe of an ultraviolet irradiometer to measure. The quartz ultraviolet lamp has the highest ultraviolet intensity at 254 nm of the same power. The second is the high boron glass ultraviolet lamp. The ultraviolet light intensity of the high boron glass lamp is easily attenuated. After hundreds of hours of lighting, the ultraviolet light intensity drops significantly, down to 50%-70% at the initial time. In the user's hands, although I can see that the lamp is still on, but it may no longer work.   The light attenuation of quartz glass is much smaller than that of high boron lamps. Lamp tubes coated with phosphors, no matter what kind of glass they are made of, it is impossible to emit short-wave ultraviolet rays, let alone ozone, because the spectrum line emitted by phosphor conversion has a shortest wavelength of around 300 nm, which is in the disinfection cabinet. What can often be seen is the mosquito killer lamp, which can only produce 365nm spectrum and part of the blue light. It has no disinfection effect at all except for attracting mosquitoes. Air purification and disinfection machine manufacturers welcome to buy air disinfection machines.
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