Taiwan plagued by H1N1 flu _ breakthrough thousands of patients

by:Funglan     2020-11-27
Each year to the seasonal exchange time, all sorts of flu also will follow, up the flu spread in our country. Today we look at flu spread rapidly in Taiwan. According to the recent Taiwan flu epidemic spread, according to Taiwan's department of health, according to the latest statistics related consecutive 3 weeks break through 300 cases of severe cases, the total number of cases to 1500 cases. Preliminary estimate flu today (this quarter March 8) The death toll is expected to exceed one hundred people above, showing a continuous severe epidemic on the island. According to the related department investigation, said the past popular influenza mostly affect the elderly and young children, but this year the H1N1 virus is mainly affects people over the age of 40, particularly easy for 50 to 64 ethnic people become severe. Patients in 40 - More than 65 number, at present to carry out a comprehensive medical prevention measures, reduce the spread of flu, preventing patients became seriously ill. Taiwan disturbed by the H1N1 influenza, break through the thousands of patients. Both the hospital and living environment. Before the arrival of the seasonal flu, what should we do? Attention such as living environment health, pay attention to personal hygiene, pay attention to reduce the population concentrated activity, pay attention to indoor air disinfection purification. The front say what time we can easily do it, but later said the air disinfection purification is not necessarily cause the attention of most people. We know there are many methods of air disinfection purification: such as, which you can buy on the market of the disinfectant, the disinfection gas, etc. , but the gas and liquid disinfection there are a lot of people are reluctant to use shortcomings, the reason is that heavy taste and can't long time in the environment of the used disinfectant, so easy to poisoning. So in this flu season they seldom think about air disinfector, rarely understand the role of air disinfector. If want to learn more about air disinfector can seek advice to environmental science and technology website to consult. To prevent the flu from nearby small start, air disinfector is willing to escort you. This flu season, prevention of influenza.
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