Talking about whether personnel activities affect the effect of air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-21
Hospitals are highly mobile and densely susceptible. It is a special place where pathogens are concentrated. Air pollution is one of the important causes of hospital infections. Doing a good job in air disinfection is a key link in controlling the occurrence of hospital infections. Effective and targeted air disinfection in wards to reduce or avoid hospital infections caused by air pollution is an important task for all medical and health institutions. With the progress of the times, traditional air disinfection methods such as ultraviolet rays, drug spraying, and fumigation can no longer meet the air disinfection needs of hospitals under the flow of personnel. Therefore, a dynamic air sterilizer emerges at the same time. Its core technology is to adopt The semiconductor ionization device is a disinfection method for humans and machines working in the same field. It has been carefully developed by Weiyi Engineering after several months and has become one of the most advanced disinfection technologies at home and abroad. At present, there is no clear standard for personnel control in the use of air disinfection machines. It is certain that the activities of people in the room, the movement of instruments, and the activities of spreading orders will significantly increase the rate of bacteria in the air. It is reported that some air disinfection machines are in static conditions. The elimination rate of natural bacteria in the air is ≥95%, and the elimination rate of natural bacteria in the air is only 30%~60%, which fully shows that the movement of people will affect the air disinfection effect. However, as long as the number of personnel is strictly limited, the effect will not be affected. If there are seven or eight people in a room, it is conceivable that the effect will definitely have an impact. Therefore, the effect of dynamic indoor air disinfection is still related to the number of activities of the personnel. . Microbial particles in the air adhere to the bacteria through sedimentation, adhesion, etc. Under personnel activities, sanitary cleaning, vibration or other mechanical actions, they will raise and suspend again to produce regenerated microbial sol, which passes through mucous membranes, skin operations, respiratory tract and other departments It is widely invaded into the body. We must limit the number of personnel when using the air sterilizer. It will not affect the disinfection effect. Don't worry about this when you buy it. Every air sterilizer in Jiajing has undergone strict testing and repeated testing before leaving the factory. , In order to make the most perfect product available to everyone.
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