Testing and requirements of medical air disinfection machine in maternal and infant room

by:Funglan     2021-03-21
The maternal and infant room is a special place. Whether it is a mother who has just given birth or a newborn baby, the immune system is very weak at this time, and the physical condition of the mother and baby is relatively weak. The mother and child room is for infection control in the maternity hospital One of the important departments. It belongs to the hospital's Class II environment, and the standard bacteria count for indoor air disinfection should be ≤200cfu/m3. In order to bring a cleaner and fresher environment for mothers and babies and prevent cross-infection, in addition to reducing the number of indoor migrants, the air must be disinfected regularly to meet air purification standards. Therefore, many hospitals have introduced medical air disinfection machines for the mother and baby rooms. Air disinfection and effect monitoring ensure a fast-recovery environment for mothers and babies, and protect their health from external environmental air pollution. Under normal circumstances, when hospitals use medical air sterilizers, they provide corresponding air sterilizers according to the size of the room, turn on the product switch to sterilize the air regularly, and close doors and windows when turning on the machine to achieve the best effect. Most of the babies have wounds. The umbilical area of u200bu200bthe baby is also a wound. The resistance of both sides is very weak, and sometimes there are more people walking around, such as the family members who come to visit, the nursing work of medical staff, etc. Therefore, the prevention of cross-infection in the mother and child hospital should be Attention. The medical air sterilizer adopts unique semiconductor technology, semiconductor ionization device +→semiconductor catalyst→light wave reactor→semiconductor ionization device-, which disinfects and purifies the air. The sterilization rate can reach 99.99%, and it is intelligently controlled, low noise, Small size, simple operation, easy to use, safe and reliable, etc., a variety of styles for hospitals to choose, have a very good enhancement effect on the air disinfection of the maternal and infant rooms and other wards, and can also be accepted by pregnant and lying-in women, for eyes and skin It has no influence on other body parts and leaves no dead corners. It solves the problem that humans and machines cannot coexist before. It is suitable for use by mothers and infants and other wards and is worthy of clinical promotion. Now many hospitals have also begun to use medical air disinfection machines, as special places, but also a multiple protection for patients and medical personnel.
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