The air disinfector gives us a clean living space

by:Funglan     2021-03-01
The air disinfection machine has also provided us with a clean living space. Recently, people have been talking about smog, including television and major online media that have carried out in-depth and multi-level reports on related news. It can be seen that air quality is indeed closely related to people's lives. However, compared with outdoor smog, indoor air pollution should attract more attention. In particular, the air quality in public places such as hospitals, food processing plants, and blood stations has an inevitable relationship with the health of related personnel. To maintain the air quality in these occasions, a high-tech air disinfection machine http:// can do it. Simply put, the air disinfection machine uses ultraviolet rays or plasma to eliminate harmful bacteria in the air and various harmful chemicals such as stupid and formaldehyde. In hospitals, food processing plants and other public places, the content of harmful bacteria and harmful chemical substances in the air is much higher than in some home environments. Therefore, air disinfection in these occasions is an inevitable demand. Nowadays, there are many companies in the society that mainly produce and sell various air disinfection machines, and there is a clear upward trend. Among them, there are many large companies that are relatively influential in the domestic market and praised by consumers, such as Purification Equipment Co., Ltd., which is currently the most recognized by consumers, integrating purification design, development, production, and sales. Big business. Its air disinfection machines can be divided into multiple products and multiple series, including medical air disinfection machines, ultraviolet air disinfection machines, plasma air disinfection machines and so on. Different series of disinfection machines can also be used in a variety of forms, including wall-mounted, mobile, cabinet-type, and ceiling-mounted air disinfection machines. It meets the needs of different enterprises and different occasions for the use of air disinfection machines. Of course, the ultimate goal of consumers using an air sterilizer is to effectively remove harmful bacteria in the air, and at the same time achieve no residue. What is included here is not only the harmful substances in the air, but also disinfection factors. The air disinfection machine developed by the purification equipment adopts high-pressure plasma and ultraviolet disinfection, which can not only effectively kill harmful bacteria in the air, including some pathogenic bacteria spread through disease, but also achieve no residual disinfection factors. The elimination rate of natural bacteria in the air has reached more than 90%, and the elimination rate of Staphylococcus albicans has reached 99.9%. It can give everyone a clean living space. In addition, the air sterilizer also has many characteristics such as large dust holding capacity, large ventilation capacity, low resistance, and high filtration efficiency. And the use of LCD operation monitoring system can realize many functions such as automatic power on and off, display when work is tired, and automatic fault alarm. Air is the most important guarantee for human survival, and air quality is also the most important factor related to human health. However, in the current society, it seems to be a luxury to breathe the freshest air. Winter haze, various environmental pollution, and the spread of various harmful bacteria all make the air closely related to human life. Become less trustworthy. And a high-tech air sterilizer can give humans a clean space, so that everyone can breathe the freshest air boldly!
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