The air disinfector has a significant effect after use

by:Funglan     2021-03-22
Now many hospitals’ treatment rooms are equipped with Jilin air sterilizers developed by manufacturers to perform dynamic air sterilization in the hospital’s treatment rooms under the condition of coexistence of man and machine. The amount of bacteria in the air in the treatment room of the hospital is closely related to the number of people in the treatment room, the cleanliness and sanitation of the surface of the treatment room, and the air disinfection method in the treatment room. At present, the better one on the market is the manufacturer's Jilin air sterilizer, which uses a unique combined multiple disinfection and sterilization technology, which has a very obvious effect on the air disinfection in many hospital treatment rooms. The hospital has strict requirements on the air quality of the treatment room. The air disinfection and sterilization in the treatment room must meet the air quality standard requirements of the hospital treatment room. The hospital treatment room should pay attention to the following when using the Jilin air disinfector for air purification and disinfection. Several matters: A. Relevant staff in the treatment room of the hospital should be neatly dressed and clean. The hair of the staff in the treatment room of the hospital should be covered by a hat. The mask should cover the nose and mouth of the staff in the treatment room of the hospital. The collar and cuffs of the underwear should not be exposed. C. The staff in the treatment room of the hospital need to close the door or use the infrared automatic door when entering and exiting the disinfection room. C. Minimize the jitter of cloth dressings in the hospital treatment room. Jilin air sterilizer product features: 1. Realize dynamic air disinfection and sterilization with human and machine. The hospital treatment room can continuously purify and disinfect the air, which can effectively reduce the total number of bacteria in the hospital treatment room air. 2. Jilin air disinfection machine adopts combined killing technology to kill microorganisms quickly and without dead ends. The air disinfector for hospital treatment rooms developed by the manufacturer can effectively prevent cross-infection of bacteria in hospital treatment rooms and block the spread of viruses in the hospital. 3. The Jilin air sterilizer developed by the manufacturer can filter and purify the air. It can also filter out all kinds of peculiar smells in the air in the hospital treatment room and remove harmful gases in the air in the hospital treatment room.
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