The application of air disinfection machine in laboratory

by:Funglan     2020-11-17
in the laboratory application of laboratory is a special place, a lot of things in our life is born in the lab, it is the palace of science, and technology to create, if you don't have a high quality, clean environment is not conducive to delve into research and development of staff, therefore in the laboratory using air sterilizer is necessary, and what are the benefits do, come see the following: a, ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria, can kill bacteria, staff of trace amounts of ultraviolet ray is not dangerous for the body. Bactericidal effect, semiconductor patent technology is fast, two and a half hours can achieve disinfection effect, can effectively remove PM2. 5, dust, smoke, formaldehyde, such as bacteria, low noise, no secondary pollution. Three, intelligent control, man-machine can coexist. Is more than a few big characteristics of air disinfection purification machine, laboratory use this mainly purify indoor air quality, because there are many chemical laboratory inside materials, including liquid, gas, etc. , some of which are toxic chemical materials, if not carefully to release it out, not timely treatment, long-term is body have damage to personnel, installation of air disinfection purification machine can quick speed to absorb the pollution of poisonous gas or gas with chemical materials, for researchers to create a safe, no pollution, clean working environment. Let researchers not worry free of chemical materials will damage the body, can go to devoting themselves to their work! Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machines, air disinfection purification machine, air disinfector, etc
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