The application of air disinfection machine in library archives

by:Funglan     2020-11-01
in the library archives library is also an encyclopedia of the application of pavilion, there are all kinds of books, one for people to borrow books, and read, so the number will more, especially on Saturday and Sunday, generally space is relatively closed, air does not flow, so how to guarantee the air quality? One, foreword to 1, the library of books in the library and archives warehouse long stored aging, paper and ink evaporation, make a room filled with a lot of waste and harmful bacteria, all kinds of moulds, high concentrations of pathogenic bacteria. The air in such environments, not only conducive to archive books stored for a long time, to enter the warehouse staff and readers' health have great harm. 2, domestic now due to the restrictions of the archives, library, few have 24 hours in the operation of the fresh air system, air quality is not very optimistic. Second, the solution to install the air disinfection machine or central air conditioner disinfection purifier, in front of the two cases mentioned above, the best remedy is to regularly for library collection warehouse and in disinfection of all, to poison the in and out of the archive books. 1, the scope of the area is very wide, can be installed in the fresh air in the system of our central air conditioner disinfection purifier, eliminate mildew in warehouse and the smell of paper, ink, years to eliminate the cold virus, n/med tuberculosis bacterium, such as micro bacteria, degradation of harmful gas, increase the oxygen content in warehouse, prevention of confined Spaces lack of oxygen, balance the positive and negative ions content, pure and fresh air. 2, small area can install our independent air disinfection machine, effect is the same as the above, but the price is more expensive, see demand and place to choose. Three basic order, library: 1, it is forbidden to smoke in the library. 2, keep indoor clean, it is forbidden to food and beverages into the museum. Please do not arbitrarily move drag reading desks and chairs. 3, maintain indoor quiet: in the library, please turn off the beepers and mobile phones or set to silent mode; In the museum please talk softly, lest affect others to read. 4, respect the management, do a civilized audience. 5, take good care of books information and all public property and do not blot out tear, possession of books, library as a place of knowledge dissemination of human civilization, should not be one of the ways, also can not be transmitted diseases regularly disinfected regularly is necessary, in addition to disinfect the books, the readers and staff's health also is very important, more details please consult about air disinfection purification air sterilizer. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machine, rice air disinfection machine, air purification machine, etc
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