The application of air disinfection machine in neonatal wards

by:Funglan     2020-11-17
through the national standard testing air disinfection machine in long before there are some related national standard test report, but where is the qualifications of the web has put, found that many customers will ask this question, also let us send them to see, today, under the small make up to show you some of our reports. Professional medical commercial air disinfection disinfection function new semiconductor (benchmarking Part of the show) is one of the first USES the semiconductor patent technology manufacturers both at home and abroad, which can effectively remove peculiar smell, dust, PM2. 5, such as formaldehyde microbes, can achieve 1 - requirements for air disinfection A level 100000, commonly used in the operating room, icu intensive care units, delivery room, etc. , is the best choice of the medical business. application range: 1, pharmaceutical factory, sterile, buffer rooms, warehouses, laboratories, studio and dressing rooms. 2, scientific research, electronic clean rooms, laboratories, computer rooms, the buffer room, warehouse, workshop, and between change clothes. 3, factory, workshop, the buffer room, warehouse, and between change clothes. 4, food, health products workshop, production workshop, packing workshop and warehouse, etc. 5, company, office, conference room, computer room and reception room. 6, Banks, stock exchange, office, computer room, business hall, hall of money library, etc. 7, public places: office buildings, theaters, hotels, entertainment, beauty salon, bus and train. 8, family: sitting room, horizontal, children room, etc. 9, hospitals: the isolation ward, infectious disease, dialysis room, neonatal ward, operating room, etc. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air, sterilization machine, in the newborn, ward, and application of wei, and other products
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