The application of central air disinfector in hotel market

by:Funglan     2020-11-03
Central air disinfector in the market the application of the hotel, the market as a public place, the daily traffic is very large, if the shopping mall, hotel lobby and room air is not fresh, poor air quality, it is hard to give customers a good impression, now many customers are cultured is a comfortable, health, healthy environment. If they don't solve environmental air quality problems, so, hotels, shopping malls can do good to which go to? In hotels, shopping malls, therefore, the installation of central air disinfector is necessary, most hotels, shopping malls are equipped with central air-conditioning, of the fin heat exchanger and the filter is dust accumulation, also is the rise of bacteria and other microorganisms, air conditioning bring us comfortable at the same time, also brought is responsible for the impact on indoor air quality, which together with our central air disinfector, can achieve a very good disinfection purification effect. , and central air disinfector in hotels, shopping malls can play a role? 1, efficient disinfection: natural bacteria killing rate of 90 in the air. 00%; 2, long life of life: patent technology: ionization device long service life, high efficiency of dust collection, cleaning maintenance is very convenient; 3, widely sterilization: to airborne bacteria, mildew, virus and escherichia coli, etc; 4, energy conservation and environmental protection: dust collection methods, which can realize the existing waste gas processing material recycling; 5, convenient maintenance: after using semiconductor, protective effect ionization device, and solves the problems of dust cleaning processing difficult; 6, counting function: the product operation the accumulative working time display; 7, the module design: adopt standard module design, can be combined freely according to the size of the central air conditioning air volume; In hotels, shopping malls to install central air disinfector, can make indoor air quality and reduce pollution, at the same time also can let users enjoy a very clean rest space, can greatly improve the image of hotels, shopping malls. Area is very big, like hotels, shopping malls in the lobby and corridor we install central air disinfector is most appropriate, if it is a small room can install our individual machines, air sterilizer! Central air disinfector disinfection purification technology on the market at present basically has the following kinds: one, diversified integrated purification disinfection technology two, three uv + photocatalytic technology, optical hydrogen ion technology first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, making the fresh air. Provide all kinds of central air conditioning sterilization machine, central air disinfector, central air-conditioning cleaning machine, etc
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