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by:Funglan     2020-10-17
The bane of indoor environment pollution & ndash; — a, problem into the 21st century, global economic, political and cultural development of fierce fly dash, and tend to be environmental problems, we easily overlook such as carbon dioxide emissions, environmental health, natural air, the problem of global warming water level rise, and so on the avalanche, invisible to our human life, body brings fear, at present indoor air environment pollution has become our thinking of warning. According to the environment, a senior scientist pointed out: indoor and outdoor air pollution is also following & other Bituminous coal type & throughout; 、“ Photochemical smog type & throughout; Pollution after the third big pollution. So the control of indoor air pollution and purify indoor air environment has always been the major subject in science, more is a basic national policy of our country, control of indoor air pollution but also is the penetration toru implementation in our country and other Five-year & throughout; Planning and one of them. So, how to prevent the indoor air pollution and improve indoor air quality, has become our human, and scientists to focus research on the content of the governance. Therefore, the management of indoor air pollution, especially the medical model of indoor air pollution control at home, is particularly important, it is imperative to! Second, the solution 1) Only the fittest can emerge victorious, common life's little cold, fever, sneezing, and so on are all in daily pathological regulars, but believe that 80% of the people is not the solution, the pathological symptoms of these cases are all kinds of pathogenic microorganism invasion of the body after a large number of breeding, pathogenic microorganisms and human body parts in stimulate a variety of toxins and chemical factor in the process of operation is a series of changes in human body. And there are two factors influencing the pathogenic microorganisms pathogenic pathogenic microorganism toxicity and quantity, due to bacteria, virus mutates, such as toxicity also produces change, greatly enhance virulence, fighting capacity. Once the vulnerable groups of respiratory tract mucous membrane adhesion amount of virus, pathological occurs. 2) The other is the pathogenic microorganism growth environment, the most suitable environment is of nasal secretions, especially more sticky mucus, that is the most appropriate environment, the germs than laboratory bacteria culture. Many people are afraid of fever, instead the growth of pathogenic microorganisms need a suitable temperature, the optimal temperature is the body's normal temperature, high temperature can effectively inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, be helpful for human body rehabilitation, if the temperature does not exceed 38. 5 degrees do not need to take drug fever. Three, use air sterilizer 1) There are many ways to prevent the above pathological symptoms of diet, exercise, exercise, and so on, and the V1 brand air disinfection purification machine of the ternary integrated core technology is one of the best choice has given to us, we human beings could not inhibit bacteria toxicity, but can reduce it. We humans can't improve the quality of urban environment, but can start from the management of indoor air environment, we humans can't restrain the source of the pathological attack, but we can alert to take preventive measures in advance. 2) V1 brand semiconductor air disinfection purification specially pm2 junior high efficient filter subsidence. Five particles, in addition to smell, in addition to the harmful gas, 2 it is light reaction catalytic device can kill viruses, bacteria, mould and spores, etc. , inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses, the semiconductor is ionization effect to reverse bacterial protein surface electrical poles, inhibit the growth of bacteria, eventually died without multiplication. Semiconductor ionization mechanism of the negative ions is mainly through the nose into the blood capillaries, prompted nasal vasomotor normalization reduce mucus secretion, so some of the symptoms of bacteria, mildew, virus invasion of the body after breeding environment has been greatly restricted. 3) Too can release negative ions into the lungs through breath, and can penetrate the alveolar cortex, the circulation of the blood to body tissues and organs, through the direct stimulation of human body each organization, and the interaction with nerve reflex and body fluids, improve immunity, fundamentally improve the constitution. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air sterilizer, air purification disinfection machine, air disinfection purification machine, etc
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