The effect of air disinfection machine on the prevention of bacterial infection in biological laboratory

by:Funglan     2021-03-27
With the development of modern science and technology, many industries have established biological laboratories. Some organisms and objects have bacteria or signals that the bacteria will cause harm to the staff after being in contact for a long time. This refers to laboratories engaged in pathogenic microorganism experiments. To prevent pathogenic organisms from harming staff and related personnel, pollution to the environment and harm to the public, in order to ensure the scientific nature of experimental research, it is necessary to protect the tested factors from pollution. Pathogenic microorganism experiments include many places, mainly including research laboratories, animal laboratories, clinical laboratories, public health laboratories, infection monitoring laboratories, etc. In order to prevent bacterial infections, air disinfection machines can be used at work, especially in hospitals. Air disinfection machines are used very frequently. With the development of medical technology, the control of nosocomial infection has become an important link in the current medical development. Inferiority has become one of the important indicators of the hierarchical management standards of general hospitals. Comprehensive schools integrate medical care, churches, and scientific research. The number of outpatient clinics is large, and there are many kinds of patients. There are many biological experiments that need to be done, which indirectly increases control. The task and difficulty of hospital infection. In order to prevent the occurrence of hospital infection, many hospitals use air disinfection methods to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms. The most commonly used are ozone disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection, and semiconductor disinfection. There is an air sterilizer with semi-guided technology disinfection, which can be used in various hospitals or biological laboratories. While disinfecting and sterilizing, it also protects the health of the staff. Experiments on objects in the laboratory will also reduce the impact of bacteria. effect.
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