The feature of plug-in ultraviolet air disinfector is analysed

by:Funglan     2020-11-28
We take a look at yesterday on the central air conditioning air disinfector hydrogen ion air disinfector 'series of light, along with the small make up today to get to know the functions and characteristics of the plug is analysed under ultraviolet air disinfector, by the power distribution base and no ozone ultraviolet lamp, low voltage, high strength can be installed at any location in the fresh air and return air duct, the air flow to kill bacteria, virus, spores, dispel peculiar smell, keep the air circulation in air conditioning clean run efficiently and effectively prevent bacterial growth and smell in the air supply system, achieve the purpose of the entire central air-conditioning system disinfection. Product features and characteristics: 1. Efficient to kill bacteria, viruses and harmful organisms; 2. Installation is convenient, flexible in any position opening plug the fixed and electricity. Can do cross section type, installed in return air mouth, pipelines, wind cabinet position such as; 3. Sterilization no dead Angle, no secondary pollution, low power consumption; 4. The external light detect running state, maintenance, fault prompt functions; 5. Product application: hospitals, pharmacy, food, hotels, conference and exhibition. Stadiums, airports and other public places. Ultraviolet air disinfector advantages: 1. Opening flexible installation, maintenance is convenient; 2. The use of safe, no infrared leak. 3. Continuous disinfection, operation cost is low; 4. Light can be real-time monitoring work state; 5. Only need a small amount of electricity to run power operation system; Early in life, in the hospital that it is using the ultraviolet light sterilization, with the development of science and technology, the uv lamp and other devices ( The central air conditioning system and air disinfection purification devices, etc. ) Combination, to achieve the national standard uv leakage and reduce the radiation, to ensure the safety of use. More details please call hotline, welcome calls negotiate!
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