The food hygiene disinfection of ozone equipment use method provides

by:Funglan     2020-10-24
The food hygiene ozone disinfection equipment also provide ozone generator business food disinfection why ozone generator equipment began to recommend? Due to the customer's demand is different, so to develop the business. Small make up about a lot about food factory before the use of dynamic air disinfection machine, operating skills, function, etc. , the so-called ensemble, the situation, so today we take a look at the food hygiene of ozone disinfection equipment? Food hygiene inspection in the sterile room is to use ozone generator kill bacteria can guarantee them not to exceed bid, because the ozone generator sterilization is thoroughly, no dead Angle, no pollution. But one thing is important: people can't stay in the region of the disinfection sterilization. Ozone can irritate the respiratory tract, inhaling too much ozone can cause chest tightness of chest pain, general sterilization is conducted choose no one at work. Choose dongguan ozone generator can use microcomputer control switch machine equipment disinfection sterilization, also can choose dynamic air sterilizer, man-machine coexist. Half smart ozone disinfection machine does not need manual operation, can be set to start at six in the morning ozone disinfection sterilization machine, turn it off at half past six. Decomposition of ozone sterilization after a time, to the artificial into disinfection area is safe around 7 PM, after the ozone sterilization will be decomposed into oxygen. Regularly do the settlement bacteria detection; The ozone sterilization effect is in line with the requirements. 。 In the modern part of the food factory, pharmaceutical factory still choose ozonizer disinfection sterilization; Mainly is the ozone sterilizing thoroughly, no dead Angle. But many manufacturers don't know how to detect the sterilization effect, because the bacteria are invisible to the naked eye. There are two kinds of detection methods: 1. Is to use ozone concentration detector to detect; To achieve more than 15 PPM concentrations of ozone sterilization after testing can meet the requirements of national grade hundreds of sterile judgement; Reach more than 20 PPM can meet the requirements of grade than sterile. 2. Be in the settlement of fungus test detection, this method has certain methods and equipment but the factory can provide the test method of steps. Environmental science and technology to provide ozone generator in the food factory, pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory production workshop disinfection, cleanliness is less than the 300000 level in the shop, the concentration of ozone in the air to reach 5 - 10 mg/m3, and be closed 30 minutes; Specific corresponding formula is needed. If need to shop at the same time the existing equipment and items of disinfection, ozone concentration to 20 30mg/m3; If it is for grade 100000, grade level, local best cleanliness workshop disinfection, ozone concentration must be up to 30 - 100mg/m3。 Millions of level take C = 20 PPM = 40 mg/m3 is equivalent to a sterile environment. In packaging materials for ozone fumigation, disinfection room/concentration of ozone in the air is in commonly 50 - contained in the cabinet 200 mg/m3; In the raw fish, shrimp and other aquatic products for ozone water immersion disinfection, ozone concentration in water is in commonly 0. 8 - 1. 0 PPM. Above is about the food hygiene ozone disinfection equipment, also provide ozone generator business; But mostly in a professional production and operation of medical air sterilization machine dynamic air disinfection, food machine, plasma air sterilization machine, commercial air sterilizer, household air sterilizer, air sterilization machine, air purification, air disinfection purifier, central air conditioning air disinfector, central air conditioning air disinfection purifier mainly.
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