The four-step description of the disinfection process of the bed unit disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-04-02
Four-step analysis of the disinfection process of the bed unit disinfection machine Product features of the bed unit disinfection machine:   1. The bed unit disinfection machine has the function of vacuuming, and the disinfection is thorough. , And then inject ozone into an approximate vacuum state, so that the ozone can fully penetrate into every corner of the disinfection item, and the disinfection effect is more thorough. If the ozone is directly flushed without pumping air, it is difficult for ozone to penetrate deep into the items to be disinfected, and the disinfection effect will be greatly affected.  2. Long service life of the ozone generator   After years of research and development, the enamel ozone generator developed by the company has high ozone concentration, high output, and a service life of more than 10,000 hours. 3. It has the function of analyzing and reducing the remaining ozone. After the disinfection is completed, the ozone concentration in the disinfection bag is still very high, generally above a few hundred ppm. If it is discharged into the room without disposal, it will pollute the environment and be dangerous. Chemical staff are healthy, the company’s actual disinfector can decompose all the remaining ozone in more than ten minutes and restore it to oxygen, which is safe for humans and meets environmental protection requirements.  4. Using LCD control panel    beautiful and generous, Chinese display, very intuitive. The processes of air extraction, ozone filling, disinfection, analysis and reduction can be pre-set, and the whole process is automatically completed, so the operation is simple and convenient. At the same time, the liquid level panel also has the functions of displaying year, month, day (perpetual calendar), time, week, and temperature. Welcome to consult the price of bed unit disinfection machine    the entire disinfection process of bed unit disinfection machine. Put the object to be disinfected into the disinfection bag and seal the zipper opening, or use a disinfection bed cover to cover the object to be disinfected on the bed, and then choose the double bed or single bed disinfection. After the preparation is ready, the bed unit disinfection machine can be turned on. , The entire disinfection process is divided into four steps: vacuuming-ozone filling-disinfection maintenance-ozone analysis. 1. Vacuum: Because the disinfection bag or the disinfection bed cover contains air, the ozone disinfection must reach a certain concentration to reach the disinfection standard. If the air in the disinfection bag is not pumped out, and ozone is directly injected into it, it will affect the increase in ozone concentration. As a result, the time to reach the disinfection concentration will be longer. The vacuum function of the bed unit sterilizer is to quickly increase the ozone concentration and save the time for ozone filling.  2, Ozone filling: The internal ozone generator of the bed unit disinfection machine produces ozone gas, and then the ozone gas is filled into the disinfection bag through the air pump for disinfection. Because the ozone generator is an air source, it can produce ozone gas without adding any raw materials. 3. Disinfection maintenance: At this step, disinfection has reached a critical period. The ozone disinfection process is actually the process of ozone decomposition. Ozone is unstable and decomposes into oxygen and an oxygen atom at room temperature. This oxygen atom is the basis of disinfection. Where. The bed unit sterilizer is already in the standby state during this maintenance process. 4. Ozone analysis: This is a good step for the bed unit disinfection machine. Because the ozone is not completely decomposed during the disinfection maintenance stage, there will be residual ozone gas in the disinfection bag, so it must be processed afterwards. The indoor ozone concentration does not exceed the human body's adaptation range, and it cannot be directly emitted in the indoor space. Ozone analysis can suck the residual ozone into the machine and reduce it to oxygen through activated carbon, which can increase oxygen in the room, killing two birds with one stone.
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